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Seventeen twenty eight to go. Kenny Williams slips trying to guard Johnson on the perimeter that allows him to get all the way to the rim for the easy layup there, you slip. You lose one step against these Miami drives, and you are behind the play Kenny Williams grimacing a bit as he holds the ball it to Cam Johnson history away, long two pointer bounces around and finds its way. Ten points now for Cam. And it's forty five forty four. He becomes the second. Tar heel in double figures may also hit ten points on that dunk a second ago likes. Download Zuhdu Zuhdu got free from Brooks said another layup easy buckets for Miami. So far in this half. And you got a credit Chris likes with a terrific pass as a tough passed. But he led the there's a lob from white to Brooks for the alleyoop flush. That makes it forty seven forty six. Little at the scores table for Carolina. Both teams blazin hot heels. Five of eight Miami four or five including a three-pointer likes has lost the basketball between his legs. Just kind of punched it away from Kobe white to keep possession Lawrence. Lockstep says he bowled is way left to the lane. Luke maye is going to be called for the foul. That's three on may. I think that's gone against Cam Johnson. Because there was a pretty much unencumbered drive. May may was right next to him had his hands up Cam Johnson dove in created the contact. But. Certainly Camden want that. But Cama would just be a second. But then certainly with Luke avenues threat to pick number likes catching shoot three on the inbound. No good little who just came in for Carolina to replace Brooks has the board. Yes. White bounces to little coming down the floor whose guys for the hammer. Little got the rebound was just kind of about a half a step behind. Kobe white then hit the jets got the pass and threw it down a floater on the other side, though, Zach Johnson banks it in forty nine forty eight after the two teams exchanged shots long two point or nothing but net for Kobe white. He has eleven TV just filling it up here. Eric in the first half Carolina now make a stop and you get a couple stops. While your offense is flowing, and you can make a big push Johnson. Who's been hot for Miami? Backing in since it to Lawrence. He'll penetrate kick the likes left sideline blacks on the hard drive. Got caught in the air able to save it out to MAC for three off the back iron. No good. Kobe white with rebound heels up three and on the move fifty one forty eight white bounces it in the paint right side may since it out to Kenny Williams clean look at three. It was well short Cam chops in their office. Bound put back in the foul. Fouls on likes his I can Cameron Johnson. We'll have a chance at a three point play. After this time out game was tied at thirty seven at the break. Carolina has already scored sixteen points this half Miami scored eleven points this half in just four minutes and fifty seven seconds. So it's fifty three forty eight. Tar heels fifty three to go. That's on the UPS scoreboard. Brought to you by UPS working together to achieve great things. Just like the tar heels that's problem solving UPS. Proud partner of the heels Carolina matching its largest lead of the game..

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