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When or if Kyrie Irving will be able to play home games, aren't the nets better off trading him to a team where he can play a 100% of games for whatever you can get back. And I'm not saying, you know, pennies on the dollar, but I'm not saying all star either. But this is a roster that really needs some replenishing around their stars, whether it's two stars or three, they just have a huge drop off. Why not entertain the possibility of trading Kyrie? And by the way, as an side effect of that, it might actually make James Harden happier because presumably part of his frustration right now is that too much is on his shoulders because Kyrie is often not available. The ironic part about you asking me this question Howard as we sit here in February is if you go back and look at what I said in the preseason, I said that the Brooklyn Nets should consider trading Kyrie Irving to Philadelphia for Ben Simmons and people were up in R like, oh wait, how could you do that? What do you mean by that? How could you do that? No, KD would be so unhappy and we've seen what's happened. You know, the first 50 plus games of the season. So I'm guessing now Philadelphia will stonewall that and shut it down because they obviously want the other guy. They don't want Kyrie Irving. They want harden. But Kristen Howard, I really don't know what the market is for Kyrie Irving. I really have concerns about, you know, if you're another team looking at it, the way obviously the process is, okay, we know this player. He's had issues now, everywhere he's been, right? In Cleveland, Boston, and Brooklyn, Brooklyn, seemingly gave him everything he wants. The biggest media market in the country, playing with one of his best friends, maybe the best player in the league and Kevin Durant, bringing in a third star. He's unhappy there. Why is it going to be different here? Why is he going to be happy here? And that's even beyond the vaccination headaches and all that per local mandates in California and some different places. So I really don't know what the trade market for Kyrie Irving is. I imagine they could trade him for something, but I don't think it's that robust Howard that's why I think he's almost certainly going to stay in Brooklyn and just seemingly bank on. As you mentioned, New York City, New York State changing the vaccine rule so he could actually play every game, which would be a revelation. One final thought, while we're on Kyrie is I looked at the net schedule the other day, 7 of their last 8 games are in the city of New York that they have 6 at home and then one at Madison Square Garden. So the only game in the last 8 that Kyrie can play in is the one road game they have in Atlanta and I bring it up because we're likely to go into the playoffs, assuming Brooklyn doesn't make a blockbuster deal this week, really not knowing much about this team, right?.

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