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Mm hmm charm nor alarqam sect armored i'll go i heard the harbin offices is out the okay i don't know what that is the houses dowd oh the hobbit really move to harvey the loopy you're either she's i never said it will never sign the is new last place near manas google all right turnoff on how is the foot by the way our her owns gu is pretty good on dorsal kooks two days ago is almost one hundred percent there's room a real snowmobile routes planned with one hundred percent as well all you hurt them in the the brown fight when he went to the body rate uri off said i had to take a suitably broke two ribs in the first round of snap wow so he broke two of your efforts but and you're saying they're not one hundred percent just yet so have you not been able to train at 100 percent for this fight because it's coming up it's in less than a month ago china nagore up train homes some are leg messed thought me only back at all we know damn soon we go okay in armed really only by having sex them away notice on the way i'll go through the irs on boussouma shrugged police rome so right now is now ruled harden as bearing though like a use through are you are you kidding married in a couple of weeks now there are no last south on the showing slight who's going back four we have little will problems or wherever i'll say we got back together all out all the stuff we're going through on them glaring maher somehow gog willem van we got back to go so we are gathered together saw than that's coming up right i say tweet about it.

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