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But it's probably team proud of what we accomplished this year and it sucked at the time, obviously. But we can improve on that. Well, congrats as a wonderful season you flirted with the triple crown two homers shy of leading in that and one RBI shy as well. So great great performance this year and nearly making it to the World Series as well. Great story Christian. Hopefully, your parents are safe. And we appreciate your joining us. Thank you. I appreciate it. That's Christian yelich, the brewers outfielder first brewer to win a batting championship. And for some reason, I thought Paul Molitor or Robin yount would have won a batting title. I don't know what kind. Well, Hank Aaron was a Milwaukee. Brave. I don't know if he ever won a batting title. But. Yeah. Paul Molitor had a bunch of big seasons. He had a three forty one at three twenty five three thirty two. But he was always like a top three top four batting average. And Robin yount number one. He wanted to MVP checking. But those are those are big numbers by. Three twenty six thirty six homers one hundred ten RBI's and four hundred on base percentage. And I was talking to mclovin about this that I do there is a place for analytics in baseball. I just think sometimes we get a little too crazy with it. But I do think because of analytics Jake Jacob degrom won the Cy Young, and rightfully so. But I don't know if the voters would have voted him in with ten wins ten years ago. I just I don't think they would have mclovin. Yeah. Maybe he's got great analytics, but baseball specially did that's the most of all sports. Right. I know we have it in basketball, but baseball visit to one to one relationship between the pitcher and the batter you can really measure what's going on now. But he heated up after the all star break hitting three sixty seven twenty five homers, and that was in sixty five games in the second half. You want to know his exit velocity his four knowing you..

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