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Rebecca bombers on a phone line. Sees a Texas elementary school teachers, she turned her students artwork into a dress. She is the most valuable person on the planet on WGN radio this morning, Rebecca, John Williams here. Good morning. How are you? Good morning. I'm great. We keep this conversation. A little shorter than we originally planned because we're dealing with the troubling that situation here you are in elementary school teacher, right? Yes. Yes. I'm at work right now. Highland village, Texas. Tell us what happened there. Well about a year ago. I was cutting my into the year art show, and I've seen a couple of ideas on Facebook about decorating dresses for a different different ways different different occasions. And I thought it would be fun for my kids to get excited about coming to the art show that decorate my dress. And so they would have, you know, come to art show and show not only their artwork off that also the artworks that was I was wearing office. So and that worked out really good. So this year for our district art show decided to wear it again to, you know, show them that they could come to the district art show, and they would see me in the dress again 'cause they always asked me to wear it again. And my daughter took a picture and post it on. I think it was Twitter. I didn't even know. And then she called me the next day. And she was like, hey, you might want to get on Twitter. So that's pretty much how it happened. So then you go kind of viral. Yeah. I mean kind of within that weekend. I wasn't really like I said, I I have a Twitter account. But I haven't been really active on it in though, I kinda got back on and started watching that the Twitter numbers go out. And and then, of course, it went other social media outlets as well. So I kind of went viral though, and it was kind of shocking. And so you teach about five hundred eighty students ages three to eleven is that correct? Yes. Uh-huh. And did they all ages of all ages contributed to the dress? Yeah. So we had some guidelines like keep it at small as the palm of your hand. And don't join work and appropriate thing things on my like some coaching there. But yeah, pretty much. Everybody had a chance to go and draw had it out for about two weeks on a bag table with the while the sharpies fabric markers. And you know, I kind of walked back there and keep an eye on things that are the most part they take care of business and decorated it, you know, I think a real nice take away from the story. I mean, everybody's March madness. And you're talking to a studio full of people that like sports, I. Enough to celebrate. Art. If if I if I writing I would make sure every school had a fulltime art teacher. I think that is great. So some kids can't play basketball don't wanna play football, but they have an artistic we should embrace that. And I think this viral dress really does that. Well in my experience as a child I didn't have our Intel moved to Kansas when I was in third grade. And I I only had it for one year in the move their way back to Arkansas didn't have it again. And then I actually moved out of the country and had art again and take our friend probably sixth grade on and never stopped. But you know, I remember sitting in that third grade room when we had art for very first town and thinking, oh my gosh. I hit the jackpot, you know, actually have an art teacher, and I get to do their own school. Pretty awesome. And it's also an example of collaboration, and what we can all do together and make something beautiful that wasn't planned or you know, it's not perfect. That's nice because you. The things that other life lessons. We think we learn from sports you could learn from a creative art teacher. Let's collaborate. Let's together. Let's do something. We can all you know, feel victorious about. And if you have not yet look at Rebecca Bonner, the Texas school teachers dress online, congratulations. Rebecca, thanks for thanks for that. And what lucky kids to have a teacher like that? Welcome to lower Wacker live free twelve twenty nineteen. Justin kaufman. Hey, programming note. I'm in for Rokon today. Seven twenty WGN here. Lots of Jesse small at hotcakes from three to five thirty right before the SOX game. Also.

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