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The offers are absent Schroeder stand-down, look, the flash cards are working. Oh, they're not working. The the predator does come down to investigate this crime. I think because I don't know. Is he a cop? Is he. He's out of retirement. Eastwood predator. Wants to contain the aliens. Neal is it's a whole. At the beginning that whole predator ship is wiped out. Yes. So I think maybe it's a thing where maybe he used to be a crew member their baby. Oh shit. Maybe he's like Gary Sinise and Apollo. Thirteen of get to go on the mission because they he Ed fucking whatever. That's. I don't get a bread exactly. Do only go rescue them. I watched that couple of weeks ago by the way. Excellent. Hangover movie politics. Oh yeah. It's like four hours on Vuk in tean and you're not going anywhere and. And so he's investigating doing this this weird thing. And I don't know what this is. He has these blue vials of like acid or whatever. This is new predator tech that erase. He's like tampering with evidence, I guess. Do you gotta call Mr.? Wolfman is he's going to totally erase the whole scene, just clean it right up. I just, yeah, I don't know. It's it is incensed like something. It's like Mark Furman redder. Still Eric's joked. Oh, yeah. No, no spacing out for a second. Predators is like throwing gloves all over the ground. Yeah. Like, oh, this HUD drugs, auto. Hundred kid wasn't killed by a alien. No, it was a professional athlete. Yes, yes, I am. I'm also a good predator, but I'm racist against white people because I'm setting up Peyton Manning AVP VP, dude, AVP MVP. From there. Alibi. I was on a flight to Chicago, no. Mob brother had moving. So, yeah, he's he's racing evidence that I don't know why is is not gonna be any investigations, a man in black, like the idea that we're trying to keep it away from, like I think human, the prime directive. We can't. We can't fuck with that humans because you know they're not ready to know this shit. So just get rid of the evidence years way. But under. I need. You know what? Like we're on the predator planet. He gets this call. He, he needs to go to the high council of predators and like there's subtitles. It's five minutes of sometimes it's stupid as hell, but at least I can go. How about this? How about this? He is explicitly told by the predator high council. He is not to go to earth and try to fix this. Then this predator. He fucking steals a spacecraft. Yes, right. And all of a sudden it's all waiters. Who authorized opening cargo bay seven at the dude, fuck and drives it through the door with sunglasses down to worry about is it would consider. Yes, only os. To the dangerous? Yes. That predator is not authorized for a fly by why exactly if this, right and Jackson body armor can't cash. If this movie just had the guts to just be a little fun. Humor. You can have shit like that and listen, here's the thing. Everybody would eat that up if a predator drove through fucking cargo bay doors, stealing spaceship while danger zone play. Highway to the will be awesome. Is smoking a cigarette. The answer to all those questions would just be why not or or make it like the group of brothers like it was the first predator was his older brother. And he's coming back and I would love to the printer high council. You could see like what older predator looks like fat predator. Yeah. Just like in Star Trek. Six. When the Klingon high council committee condemns Kirk to death hanging with like a cube gavel. I was going to say this, why always appreciated seeing things like the Klingon high council because they always had old ones, fat ones. All right. There. Vulcan's because they're too disciplined but affect Clinton everything every science fiction shit. You know, none of old ones and fat ones because when I as a regular human walk around, I see nothing but old ones and fat exact. They're everywhere. Don't tell me they're not out there. So add to the body count of this cast by introducing a war veteran. Oh, right. What in the world..

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