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To us ladies and gentlemen it those monday lynchburg will ho ho end of the god is just too radio broadcast it is written all the churches of christ salute you it is written every one therefore that to hear these words of mud and doors i am shall be likened onto a wise man who built his hosts upon the rock it is written down every one that here if these words of mine then do with them not shall be likened undo a foolish man who built his house upon the silent it is written and it came to pass when jesus had finished these words the multitudes were astonished at he's teaching or he taught them as one having authority and not as their scribe does your though when he was come down from the mountain great multitudes followed him and behold there came to him a leper and worshiped him saying lord if wilt thou catch to make me clean and he stretched foresees hand touched him saying i will be though made clean and the straightway his leprosy was clinched and jesus saith unto him she thou tell no man but go show live shelf to the priest that offer the give foot moses commanded for a testimony under them there are days so dark seek in vain for the face of my friend divide but though doctors hydrogen he is.

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