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I think um ultimately they're gonna push really hard for west for the west and i don't know if that's you into that he knows where they're gonna handle graham on stadium i think i find the best right now i would put my money on oakley um but again that that's just my take and um and i as i've said all along since imola since hefty cincinnati presented its final pitched mls back in early december i firmly believe this team is getting in regardless of where they decided to build the stadium i have no doubt my mind about up clear in your opinion sets in the last three i was gonna ask you you pretty you're pretty strong on that well i guess yeah oh no gone no you go ahead okay well you know and again it that just come from having seen different parts of the country throughout fc cincinnati's existent than getting a taste of some of these other cities and you know what has going for it is special it is unique there is nothing else like it in american soccer right now and i just don't think mls kanter shirts and noted that left one billion you know what did such a good thing for the city to and when you think about it and i've talked to lance mcallister about this frequently when you look at an average age of a person that watches a major league baseball game and the average age of a person at watches in nfl football game compare and contrast fat to the average age of a person that watches nature league soccer game soccer is words go on and ada it's too good have an opportunity to pass up we'll see what happens i appreciate you coming in and elucidating us on this and hope we can call on you again are you a third we'll do it again okay pat thank you thank you okay as pat brennan from the since nine choir he's pretty optimistic of fc cincinnati getting.

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