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So it's a fascinating race. Wouldn't be surprised, the best and incredible one or he's in the other side. I'll sit this one out. See, I would unfold just plenty of time to get involved later in the day. Plenty of time for these horses to be back in other races later in the season. A 100%, and also whoever wins this race. Well, you already have three of these horses in your tracker because excellent book jumpers to follow 2021, 2022. So they're already in your tracker and you're like, oh, God sex. This is ridiculous. I didn't buy a book. So the three of these horses could be running in a four runner race at the helmet. It's a brilliant book and showing a profit already. But the key point to make here is the previous winners this race. Grand cru, 2011. It was a very smart horse and ended up being sent off favorite from memory for the RSA. It didn't work out. Native river took it back in 2015. Thistle crack in 2016, elegant escape in 2017, santini, 2018. We'll skip one and then go next destination 2020. Because you just bend stats to your will. And what it is that you want from them. So it's a race well worth watching. That is the 1240 at newbury. We were covering this meeting for talks for two today McKenzie Declan Rick's Lizzie Kelly and Rupert bell. I'm a self and the ground was definitely good to soft. It did rain, but newbury drains very well. So it remains to be seen how much rain there is overnight and how much it affects the track, but they seem to think not very much. They seem to feel that it's going to be good to soft for the remainder of the meeting and we'll see how that works out. The one 15 kaluki. Heads the bedding. And I made a joke with the kaluki traders about this, going, well, every final full on podcast listener, who's watching ITV and racing TV is going to be going kaluki of their own horse. To which they responded LOL, by the way, we actually offer customers a free bed of kaluki wins. Whenever he runs, so if kaluki wins free bet, so get involved with the kaluki sportsbook. Kaluki or should spell this out for. Kaluki or on Twitter, clicky sports book on Google and you can watch out. Although I think they've decided to duck going out and actually being on track and taking bets in the ring at newbury in a Newcastle because of The Rain. To which one of them made a comment that I can not repeat. But it's there for you in the WhatsApp group. Kaluki team, and you can all read it there. So he heads the billing for Philips. The resurgence of Philip Hobbs says, mister gilardi, chuckling away to himself somewhere back on the show next week. Paul Nichols has. Go with that why not? Killer clown for Emeril is probably the horse that I'm just about leaning with, although grand saucy, I thought it was very, very interesting. So break it down for me, my man. I'm probably going to throw good money after bad on grand sulci. Second run after a wind up, whereas a hood, Harry skeleton on board for Paul Nichols. What's your thoughts? Yeah, I like kaluki. I think he's ready to last time I was on and you mentioned that the new sponsors. I think I mentioned the whole stream by Philipp hub. So I think the conditions are ideal for them, so I think he wants decent ground and I don't think he might get three miles. He was of course in distance when his chase debut last year at the early affliction in November and then he actually finished the next destination in the race. We've just covered the grade two John Frank and novices chase. Obviously acts well at the track. Last time we see him was over two and a half at newbury. And he is also kind of the falls between two sto and so there's two mile 6 trip is absolutely ideal for them. While steel and Philip was struggling throughout the season, kaluki was one of the consistent runners obviously disappointed in the field, but any Iran better than the results in the Reynolds sound. He's been first three laps in the end by remaster. Again, he traveled well. And he on both occasions that he shaped to me like he wants to go back on the left hand of the track. So he didn't do much wrong at all when he was just touched off by export the tape at this truck over two and a half back in March, or the extra couple of fail on stable and form decent ground. I think everything is very much in his favor. So I'd expect him to go well. The one I thought was the danger was killer clown leaves, touched upon. He finished 6th in the old royal chase. Honestly appearance. And I thought this is working out really well. It run reasonably well done quite a bit, it's actually been a brave man's game last week stayed on when he looked like he was going to fall away midnight out of obviously when the party power got funny and industrial balls ago today at newbury. So it's pretty rock solid form. I think this is back down in grade slightly to killer clowns level. And again, he's tried three miles a couple of times and possibly this truth be done. We don't see it very often, but two mile 6 around the new stages race over this road trip. I think that could suit him. He's got TPUs onto the first time. Obviously, not the desired effect today for Paisley park. Hopefully I'm a little bit more better looking. I can seek a little while I'm going again. I think a flat track and decent ground suits him. So I don't understand why they're towards the band. They'd be my two against the field, but I'd be with kaluki. I think it would be a great race, and he should be there or thereabouts. And you're not just saying that because of the sponsors, you're saying that because kaluki genuinely has a very good chance. And it's a good point to make that this is one of the few fellow policies who actually was consistent last season. So if he can build on that with.

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