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Archival project and then now I'm just worried about application when you know when you pivot to film and you're like, I'm getting real my original print of gods and kings. Like my heroes? Yeah. I would that it were, you know? Was it a word? That's all I can say about that. If I need to get a canister storage space, I will get it. Listen, maybe one day we'll do a exploring the shelving episode of this podcast. But that would be fun not today. Let's go back to our lists. So where do we leave off? Are we on number three for you Amanda? Yeah. Okay. Which you just vacated, allowing me to claim all things being equal this would also have been my number. I mean, this is where it gets a little boring. No duh. Thelma and Louise. One of the great American films of the last a hundred years and a prime example of Ridley Scott just understanding what to do with female characters and women and being interested in them. I thought he gave a very spicy interview to deadline recently, which I also saw. Recommend. And talked about how query wrote this script, and they're different of take on how funny this movie is and this movie is like, obviously, has a lot of dark themes, including sexual assault and murder and strange you know, upsetting domestic situations. Not to mention it's ending, I suppose, but to find the comedy in this Sean that you were talking about. It really is a way to find the heart and the warmth and this is, I mean, this is a friendship movie and a really strangely hopeful movie again given the very famous ending, which I guess I won't say it, but if I'm spoiling the ending of thelma and Louise for you know, please stop listening to this podcast and just go watch that one Luis. Let's all accept reality together. Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon..

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