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I'm von golden incentive falls, New York. This is NPR. This is WNYC in New York. I'm Lance lucky as you've been hearing thousands of people are flocking to competing women's rallies today in lower Manhattan. And one around central park and down sixth avenue. The start of the fully square rally in lower Manhattan was briefly interrupted by a protester pointing to conflict within the movement over control inclusivity and alleged anti-semitism. Miriam young was with her daughter at that rally organized by women's March Inc, which helped organize the two thousand seventeen Washington demonstration. It's so important that keep showing up every day. We watch the news read new stories about horrific things that are happening under the Trump administration. And it's important for us to keep saying we don't want those in that we envision a different world young says the Trump administration's attacks on immigrants must stop New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy's top attorney says he didn't tell the governor about assault allegations against a state official until after the story became public WNYC's. Karen rouse reports chief counsel Matt Platt Kim says he believed the female seat employees when she told him last March that she was raped by her colleague out Alvarez plaque. Told the legislative committee investigating the matter that he told Alvarez he had to leave his job with the administration. But he didn't tell the governor or push for an investigation, and he didn't try to stop Alvarez from pursuing a job at Rutgers Alvarez left his state job last October. But only after the Wall Street Journal called about Katie Brennan's allegation. Plotkin testified Friday that Alvarez denied the rape allegation. And never applied for the job at Rutgers. The winter weather advisory in effect from four pm until four AM tomorrow snow with mixed precipitation one to three inches in the city.

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