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Bobby Esser, Roebuck girlfriend. Hilda? Celebrating twenty years together. Whatever whatever. Well, that's that's the deal. We'll go home now. Now, I can't have too much to do. There's you goes boys later, she goes this letter built steam crazy train. And then I'll be back to find out my the Graham up here. And maybe I'll understand why. I do this tired. We just told you. Yeah. Like yesterday, I was exhausted. Getting any sleep the night before those shows are like a million bucks or just banned. Bankruptcy because I'm so exhausted. And it's just like here we go baby hold on tight. Yeah. I like those you never know what you're going to get like most of them turn out to be award-winning shows some of them turn out to not be. And I'm like God. I regret that. So anything else we'll say, by the way, this is this wasn't on the year today. We have a little more space at on anything else. Ambi you'd like to bring up Emmys. Actually insta- story. Meanwhile, we're doing this bit homeboy. Oh, I can't keep her attention like today. Way better like three times. Like, hey, we're doing this show. My millions of people listening in your over there buying address. I'm no, I'm not buying address. All right now. Dog. Leo. All right. Okay. Good show. Tune in. Well, they are. Then start to show. Got a lot to go over. Well, let's do it. I want to start the show. Anyone started showing show pick something lined -ly? Does take your finger and run legit this Ozark show. All right. Here's today show. Your buddy miss the five. Transmitting? This is about. Right. I hear you. Morning. Welcome to Wednesday show more studio. One man, I was reading the story about this rapper never heard of him young dolph, but he had five hundred thousand dollars in jewelry stolen out of his car while he was eating Cracker Barrel. Wow. They so many parts of the story. Funny to me. His name young dolph is an short for dolphin. Rapper young dos. Car was broken into while he at a metro Atlanta Cracker Barrel last week thieves made off with roughly five hundred thousand dollars in jewelry. And other belongings. The artist November eight off Thornton so doll eight. Told police that the smashed his window of his custom camouflage Mercedes Benz g class SUV and the restaurant parking lot. They made off with a watch where two hundred thirty thousand dollars. Another watch worth eighty five thousand dollars to diamond chains where fifty seven thousand at twenty seven thousand dollars. It's amazing to me. These are just sitting in a car. Yeah. Just sitting in the car while the person's in Cracker Barrel. Eating like cracker rose also somewhere out picture Migo and not an someone that's five hundred thousand dollars sitting in a car. And if they did God bless them taking it with you and Cam, oh, gee, ride. That's cool though. Cammo is it came right? Yeah. Oh, that is cool. Cam out. J wack. Didn't you see it? I don't know. They broke into the G. Right. It's camouflaged them funny. That's why he felt like it was safe to leave the seven tomorrow Gaza scream setup this as insurance scam insurance fraud written all over it in my mind. I thing how is gonna happen to break in that random car in the Cracker Barrel parking lot. And it's going to have that jewelry come on that thing. But I would break into a rich car. That's what you do you break into the super nice cars..

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