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To ABC. Our top story. Mayor Ted waiter was met with cheers, expletives and calls resigned when he met with demonstrators outside of the Justice Center in the U. S Federal courthouse last night. He was asked. Why important police? We're not arresting the federal agents. I don't want Theresa officers taking sides. Politically, They have to be Content neutral an agnostic says he's doing everything in his power to get the federal agents to leave. He says. Oregon's congressional delegation is working with Washington, D C or against Attorney general is suing the federal government and said he attorneys we're looking for legal action that can be taken. Oregon State police trying to find a suspect in a shooting last night at Silver Falls State Park and happened between 10 and 11:15 p.m. Of the park's North trailhead parking lot, 23 year old Bill Gardner from Portland was wounded. He was treated and released from the hospital. The suspect stole gardeners silver for infusion with Oregon license plate of three A three A. M A X Suspect is jailed after committing several assaults in the Sullivans Gulch neighborhood last Friday, 11 90 KXAS Gail Cunningham says community tensions with police made it tough to get him into custody. Several 9 11 colors reported to suspect hitting a vehicle with a hand saw attacking people with that hand sauna belt and breaking windshields. When police found 58 year old Shane Greene at Northeast 21st and wider, he was yelling and behaving erratically, refusing to drop the saw. He lunged at the officers with the saw, and they fired a less lethal round at him. Then they began talking with green. Trying to escalate the situation. Several bystanders screamed at the officers and taunted them agitating green again..

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