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The same kind of facts that i wouldn't explostion or the same kind of information that i was exposed to and how the different point of view so that brings to mind says. We're still talking about kenya episode on her book. Go go girl as a black woman is a black american woman. I should say in britain. Just this past saturday. There was an snl saturday night. Live episode that was hosted by daniel qaluwa a british black british actor and he was famously. Get out and other films. I loved in any way. His opening scene for snl. He made a joke about. How yes you know. He has a british accent. he's british and then some people will say he's black. You know some people will say he's british but he could be both and so there. There was that like sort of addressing the fact that people can't hold two things at once you know in their mind and then at the punch line was. I'm the baby. Or i'm the person that the british the royal family was afraid.

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