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Cab company claimed that one of their drivers required surgery after an incident with a passenger that they believed to be Benner Benner seemed to confirm the incident when he reported it to his club and his girlfriend posted about the incident on Instagram as well. Trouble always seems to find him at some point. I guess you have to just know better and remove yourself from potentially problematic situations, and that would be him. However, there may be more to the story which will get to momentarily JJ. What do you have is your red card? Oh, yeah. Oh, seriously. Wow. We just me high nyc. Oh, I think I'm, I think I'm fascinated again by nickel career or at least his career off the field. This is well, it's only gonna get more fascinating in about three minutes. All right. Well, allow me to do my red card then Martha Kellner in the guardian rules. I think it was about ten days ago about players from Crystal Palace ladies have been told they face not being able to represent the club any longer if they cannot each raise two hundred and fifty pounds starting in sponsorship or put up the money themselves. The onus has been put on the women's first team reserves to source the money to pay for annual subscription fees. It is caused anger among some senior figures in the women's game who feel it sends out on Hempel message about the importance of female players to the club. And this story just kind of blew me away because how tone deaf and just what a negative lighted cast women's game in a Crystal Palace Nuton apart from the fact that Crystal Palace primarily cope with all the TV money don't tell me they can't inject cash into their ladies team just don't tell me that. 'cause it's simply not true. And then what really angered me was that Wilfred zyppah who made a generous donation to wards Crystal Palace ladies so they wouldn't have to raise this money on their own. He got tons of re tweets. He got tons of the little key didn't look for the re tweets. He didn't. He made a donation. It got out and you had lots of kind of football websites and things saying, oh, class act, what a gesture, etc. Etc. And I'm like, no, like the act of Wilfred Ziya in and of itself is really nice thing to do, but it it's obstacle, it's it's, it's creating a blanket over the real problem here is that Crystal Palace have a responsibility to their ladies team to funded properly to back it properly. If we're gonna take women in sport, particularly women in football and their teams series -ly a notch. Just pay them lip service. You set up the team, set it up on the same basis. You set up the men's team and make sure they don't have to pay to play. It's a ridiculous scenario on. It's only just kind of muddied the waters by focusing on what will freeze. I did put the pressure on Paris. Good call that's gone by you caught off sides, man of the match? Well, my red card was nNcholas bender now JJ my man of the match is also nNcholas Benner allow me to continue raking all the rules of this allow me to continue and now give you his side of the affirmation story where he broke the job cabdriver. I'm going to read now directly from the article deadspin where this was posted. Did he break it to save his.

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