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Help or saw tun intercession what's left unaided inspired by this confidence i fly into the overt divergence my mother to the do i come before the istan sinful and sorrowful mother the word carnage despised my not my petitions mercy here and answer me in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit our lady of guadalupe pray for us saint joseph pray for us saint gregory the seventh pray for us so good to be with you today here on go ask your father you know one of the things that pope francis says recent apostolic exhortation rejoice and be glad that we are reminded is that we are called to not be afraid of holiness here's how pope francis puts it the more the more fully that your holy you're more alive you're more human quoting now from paragraph thirty two he says do not be afraid of holiness it will take away none of your energy vitality or joy on the contrary you will become what the father had in mind when he created you and you will be faithful to your deepest self to depend on god sets us free from every form of enslavement and leads us to recognize our great dignity we see this in saint josephine makita i'm gonna stop there for those who might not know who saint joseph feed but keita is a recently canonized saint the first saint canonized from the nation of sudan she was enslaved she had been sold into slavery as a very young girl and had several owners many who treated her very poorly but she was a fortunate enough to end up serving on italian family who took her back to italy and of course once in italy she became free she eventually ended up seeking baptism and being a emitted into a religious order in which she served in that order faithfully and now as a canonized saint here's what saint josephine makita set we're actually what was said about her excuse me by saint john paul the second at her canonization adopted and sold into slavery at the tender age of seven she suffered much at the hands of cruel masters but she came to understand the profound truth that god and not man is the true master of every human being of every human life this experience became a great a source of great wisdom for this humble daughter of africa and quote and that's from saint john paul.

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