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Ad halftime Yes in Las Vegas the burgundy and gold score to touchdown on their opening possession and it is all they've gotten so far in a 7 to three first half Washington came close to another scoring drive in the second quarter but a sack took them out of field goal range Taylor heinecke 11 of 1481 yards and the touchdown pass to cap that opening drive throwing that to Logan Thomas But still needing to add some more offense here try to pull away from the Raiders and get their fourth straight win Meanwhile the ravens lead their rival steelers 7 to three in Pittsburgh devonta Freeman scoring the loan touchdown to cap a 16 play 99 yard scoring drive as the third 99 yard scoring drive by Baltimore this season College poll games announced today in some teams of local interests at the play in baseball stadiums on December 29th believe it or not Maryland and Virginia tech dueling at Yankee Stadium in the pinstripe bowl and Virginia will take on SMU at Fenway Park in the first ever wasabi Fenway bowl At the military bowl in Annapolis it'll be Boston college and east Carolina That game will be played December 27th Then the college football playoff number one Alabama and Cincinnati and the cotton bowl which means Michigan and Georgia will swear off in the orange bowl College troops today 8th ranked Maryland women they open conference play with a 73 59 victory over Rutgers That's now too straight wins for the Turks The meds team let's just say they're not so fortunate in their conference opener They followed home to northwestern 67 61 and Danny Manning's debut as interim head coach That is now three straight losses for the turfs George stauffer no better at South Carolina they fall 80 to 67 and the wizards and raptors minutes from tip off north of the border is the ways look for their 15th win of the season Rob wood fork WTO sports Okay rob coming up traffic and weather and then the hunt for.

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