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So it's corrupt and then you get to like but we're going to treat. The athletes like crap portion of the the interview right so not only. Are they incredibly corrupt. But you know they're also misogynistic and racist and racist yeah And ablest i mean this makes zero sense in talking about the ablest three time. Gold medalist beckham myers. She's deaf and blind and said that she's dropping out of the tokyo paralympics because they're not allowing her to bring her personal care assistant with her to the games. Can you imagine being blind and deaf and not being allowed to have any with you in in tokyo like she's expected to get around into all these things without any assistance. Like i would want somebody. And i can because i don't see any japanese and i know virtually nothing japanese culture right i mean and she's stated that they you know. Us olympic committee is denied reasonable and essential accommodation for her and telling her that she doesn't need a personal care assistant because there will be a single personal care existence on staff that is available to assist her and thirty three other paralympic swimmers. Nine of whom are also visually impaired. So one personal care assistant for thirty three parallel olympic swimmers insane. That doesn't make any sense at all. Yeah and then. In further misogyny we talk about nursing mothers. at first they weren't going to allow Nursing mothers to bring their babies at all but then they decided last week that they will permit athletes who are nursing mothers to bring their infants with them to the next month's months summer games and this was across the board this was for all nursing mothers on all teams right. This wasn't like it was one country saying oh to their nursing mothers no. This was an international olympic committee decision. And just as a personal story that spanish synchronized swimmer ona carbonell. Pardon me for Butchering that name to. She was told she could travel with her eleven month old son in partner but they all had to comply with the japanese government strict kovic nineteen regulations which means that her partner and her baby would have to remain in a hotel room outside of the olympic village for the duration of the games. And if she wanted to continue nursing she'd have to travel to the hotel and that would compromise her teams health amid the pandemic so she ultimately decided to leave her son home. And.

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