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She. In. Doing here here defend you, are you. Sure. Of course, I know this isn't your fault. Besides. Four. Thanks, cornelius. You're on her honors. He's my first time. Cornelis cool candidate. You've got this. One client did not come to town willingly. She was brought here by powerful magic beyond her control. And she is done nothing nothing. But try to make the best of it since she got here. Don't sure some things have changed since she got here. But not for the worse. She has been trying. Her absolute hardest to help everybody. No, she wasn't helping anyone Christmas is about tradition. She is breaking all of our customs. She broke the archway and not only that she has been spouting nonsense about the Christmas star the Christmas star was literally air when you're she most certainly was not I did not see a single glowing gaseous orb at that party. While does walk around baseball fire all the time. Oh is not. So well, if that is true, then where is she? Now. That's what I thought. Citizens of Christmas land, the snow has stopped.

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