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Komo news time is now four thirty three a ten year old parkland girls recovering in the hospital after she was struck by speeding car. Pierce county sheriff's deputies are looking for the person who was behind the wheel and didn't stop komo's care costs niche reports. Many mothers would do she dashed ten year old. Caitlyn Rogers in the most terrifying moment of her life stayed there. Until the paramedics got there around seven thirty young Caitlin was struck by a speeding black SUV in her parkland neighborhood, they seen the car coming. They try to get her out the road, but he was coming so fast. And he she was just riding her scooter Caitlyn. Lying in the streets. Seriously, her with a broken femur pelvis arm, the driver with long gone. Where's the conscience of this person knowing that they hit, you know, a child injured little girl her family and an entire neighborhood want to know who was the person who didn't stop. That's komo's CARA Costner reporting. Komo news time is four thirty four. Komo AAA traffic. We check it every ten minutes on the fours taking morning to Curtis. Coho? Good morning will know stalls or collisions getting in your way as of right down to begin the Monday morning commute. We are ramping up some roadwork on westbound highway eighteen between Hobart and two hundred street that should be wrapping up about five o'clock this morning once seven a little bit of light slowing already out a summer from four ten up to Jovita both directions of I five through Tacoma and Seattle wide open as well as both of our floating bridges amble through actions of Forro five Curtis. Cowan KOMO traffic. Thanks curtis. And here's komo's Abby Coney with the forecast to drop to the mid forties to the low fifty s across western Washington. And we will have a good amount of clouds out there. In.

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