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Okay, making if particularly presented. So would you make a return to the transformer French? Ships sailed. And also, why did you decide to work with Michael bay? Again, you guys famously made up. Yeah. Yeah. I think I would. Yeah. For a cameo or something like that. I think that franchises probably moved so far in two different universes with different actors and stuff that that wouldn't make sense. But I'm not against it. And. Thank you. And I chose to do. I wanted to do ninja turtles I was a huge fan of it at the at that point, Michael. And I were really good. I mean, I get invited his Christmas parties I love that where that's great time. Who made the first move in the reconciliation? Did you did? Felt like you know, I I was young when a lot of that was happening. And I always I was really self righteous, and my anger. I thought I was right to speak the way that I spoke, and as I got a little older, I understood regardless of whatever might issues were they should always have remained private. It's not you should never blast someone like that in public. And so I reached out and just that. I hope this movie does amazing and it will. And he wrote back, and he was like who is this. That's a lot of are you watching Eva on the house? I watched her. But she's another one of my baby. She is. Yes. Some even that woman is like it's more beautiful as she gets older. Yes. Definitely does. Yeah. It's game time everybody. Winters. Maybe impressive home runs. But will they impress Harrison here with their baseball knowledge? It's time to find out with less. I am gonna ask Tyra. And Megan baseball trivia questions Harrison's gonna reveal if they're right or wrong for each wrong answer he gets to hit me in the face with his balls. Okay. Okay. So the first question is tyrod model? These are our version of baseball trivia model. Kate Upton is married to which professional pitcher Bryce Harper or Justin Verlander. Yes. Megan how many runs are scored in a grand slam. No. Nice. Tyra truthful falls. David Ortiz was nicknamed big pop up. True. Big papi. Okay. What is it called? What a fairly tries to tap the ball feel like getting. You know, it's a it's a fun. Okay. Tyra defined walk off when two models are like so pissed off at each other. Right. It's a home run that ends the game. Megan what position Jlo's boyfriend Alex Rodriguez play for the Yankees outfielder third base? That was. Okay. Tyra which pop icon co starred in nineteen ninety two's a league of their own. Yes. By dog walk after a cardinals player whose first name is what Michael or Matthew, Michael? It is my. Megan the show looks super cool. Yeah. During the break you or psych because it's on the you can show your kids. Yeah. I mean, I think we'll especially this first episode. I think it's such a good episode for girls in general somebody really showed that to their daughter because the whole idea is what they're finding is that it's possible that women were actually fighting alongside men in the Viking army. And so that sort of turns on its head everything we thought we knew about gender roles and stereotypes cultures. And that's you know, that's encouraging to young all think anything was possible then. And of course, anything is possible. Now. All of that from Georgia for Tyra banks. What your question of at high? My question for Kyra. Are there any crazy episode or moment from the Tyra banks show that you look back on now in wish you didn't do? Oh, hell, no, no hell nut show was as great. I was the executive producer of that show even with America's next top model. Like, I do it. And then I decide if I wanted to see the air, right? So all of that was like such good. Amazing. It's for my Mazda. Goes to the deer who in the middle of the afternoon crashed through a window and roam around in Arkansas courtroom own the place. Did you see this? I've been like so obsessed with this. It was. Why is this so amazing? What this little dear made such a commotion because every bowl and every China shop to say damn he's good Jack logos goes to learning that the.

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