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Epa of course was more upset with him because i was my own show so i know what a split screen as grey she's talking right there above the fact that remember when elizabeth and rosie started fighting vast role room which was split screen which they had never done before on the view so it fuelled rosy speculation that bill getty hated her and rosie hated bill getty the epa the executive producer doesn't happen without practice it doesn't happen they had never done a split screen on the show before saturday in i think they wanted to blame the director instead of the epa though i think that he gave the more active and bill and they're you know it was an unhealthy environment there wouldn't you say there were a lot of secrets about some of the staff members that you were not allowed to say like a severely dysfunctional family involving relationships that you were not allowed to talk about and and children that were there that you couldn't discuss where they came from and was rainsy as dysfunctional family and i walked in the middle of it and they all had been living it for such a long time that i was like are you kidding me we're not allowed to acknowledge what is in front of our face and look joys like i'm not saying anything because this is the truth and one of the people involved in that was one of the people involved in this what screen nco it was to me a little bit of a get back at rosy j tyga he's telling the truth there is a lot to unpack their legs in dawn i watched that clip one day why is this not getting more traction god children running around the sect that you're not allowed to acknowledge where the children came from will act an relationships you're not allowed to acknowledge so was moment is she implying that getty was having an affair or something in these were kids of a nola lionel know is it.

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