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Search T R A F F, I X Chicago mayor Vontobel WGN traffic central. It's going to be mostly cloudy and mild today with some showers possible, but turning sharply colder this afternoon and evening. A high near sixty falling into the upper thirties and forties by the time. The evening rolls around tonight, mostly cloudy, chilly few showers, overnight, low down to thirty seven and then cloudy, cool with occasional rain and drizzle tomorrow with a high near forty five. It's fifty right now at O'Hare forty nine at midway fifty here at the lake front this morning in Aurora. It's forty five. I'm Steve Christianity in the WGN radio newsroom. And these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. Live from the AllState skyline studio. This is the Steve Cochran show on seven twenty WGN. It's funny when he put somebody on this show, you can get the biggest stars. And they couldn't be cooler. And then you get somebody who not so biggest starts get an attitude or an ego problem. He goes somebody that used to be a star. Serious. And sandwiches reminded me. One of those batmans eightieth birthday is Saturday. Adam west is fine. What he's no longer with us. He's always been fine. Oh, he's tougher tougher to book. Now, I will grant you that Robin was played by a guy named Burt. Ward Burt word were so Burt ward. Scabby, two three years ago. Now Burt ward is put down this show. Remember this and Vert wars. Booked on his show to talk about some dog thing he was doing his he he and his wife own kennels. There's a rescue thing. So. Digress. Too far. But occasionally of Brennan to somebody who is famous for one thing, and they don't want to talk about that one thing. So Burt ward one talk about the dog's not about being, Robin. Well, Steve he was booked. But then he had promoted on morning, and then Burt were.

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