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It really is a matter of life or death. Police and the FBI are on the scene of a shooting at the Mayfair Mall outside Milwaukee. Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride says. There are multiple people injured, but the injuries do not appear to be life threatening. His teens. Uncle has a kiosk inside. My mom came to my room, running crying, telling him my uncle got shot. No more explanation than that. So I just ran as fast that came here. It appears the shooting took place on the north end of the mall near May scenes. No one's in custody. Witnesses tell w I s N t V. They heard what they believed to be 8 to 12 shots. Police will give an update on the situation at 5 45. Also in while we're toasted today, a police and Fire commission voted to dismiss the complaints against a police officer. Filed by the families of three men fatally shot by Officer Joseph MENSA. This includes complaints by the family of Alvin Cole meant a black police officer fatally shot the 17 year old outside the Mayfair Mall in February. Mental has been suspended but will resign from the department At the end of the month. There were more than 13,000 new coronavirus cases reported in Illinois today, as well as 126 additional death. Hospitalizations are also on the rise. Illinois public health director Doctor and Josias Ikea says there are more than 6000 covert patients list it across the state. October 28th. How long ago was that? That's like barely three weeks ago, we had 3000 So just think, 3000 over 6000 and just three weeks. That's the kind of trajectory we're seeing. So if you think there's some beds now, Yes, there's some beds now, But if we get that pays, how much longer will we have a bed? She says there are limited intensive care beds in the will County Kankakee area. Georgia has certified election results showing Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential race in the state Secretary of State Brad Rapids. Burger finalized the results today after a hand count of ballots affirm Biden's lead over President Trump in his first public appearance in a weak president Trump today, insisting he won the election and refused to concede. Chicago Alderman Ray Lopez has his Brighton Park office vandalized for the third time last night. Three Vandals air CNN security videos to throwing chunks of concrete through the windows of the office breaking glass. The alderman believes gangs are behind it. Aggravating.

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