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Brown. A number of high profile Democrats, including former first lady Michelle Obama will speak during tonight's first ever virtual Democratic National Convention. As NPR's Barbara Sprint reports. Joining them will be a prominent Republican, former Ohio governor John Kasich. Cacic, who ran as a Republican candidate for president and 2016 told NPR. He wants voters to know that party loyalty isn't absolute. You can feel free to cross the aisle and vote for somebody else. That's not some Terrible thing to do. In fact, if you see somebody you like and you respect, it's what being American is all about. Democrats are hoping their lineup of speakers will showcase support from both sides of the political spectrum, with Kasich reaching out to moderate Republican voters, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Biden's final primary opponent, reaching out to the progressive wing of the party. Barbara Sprint. NPR NEWS Washington The embattled postmaster general has agreed to testify on Capitol Hill next week. His appearance before the House Oversight committee comes amid accusations that He's working with the Trump administration to undermine the Postal Service ahead of the November election. Here's NPR's Windsor Johnston lawmakers are expected a question Luis to joy about recent operational changes at the Postal Service, including cutbacks and over time and the removal of mail sorting machines. House Democrats have raised concerns about those changes as the agency prepares for high volumes of mail in ballots amid the Corona virus pandemic. President Trump has repeatedly blasted states for expanding voting by mail, claiming without evidence that it will lead to election fraud. NPR's Windsor Johnston. Stocks finished mixed on Wall Street today is Lowe's and Home Depot got a boost ahead of their earnings reports both retailers out more than 2%. Dow lost 86 points, down 3/10 of a percent. You're listening to NPR, and this is Casey ar W. On Larry Perella. It's a Monday, August 17th. Here's what's happening at 3 32 Kelly County's public Health director Barbara for rare, said this afternoon that the region now meet five of the state's six Corona virus monitoring benchmarks. County still has to get below the state benchmark of 100 new cases or less per what Isis or less per 100,000 residents, but forever also warned that large gatherings could quickly undo the progress that's been made. We know that a person can be positive for covert 19 and able to transmit the virus to others without ever, ever having any symptoms if this person attends the gathering Especially indoors, where they're socializing, eating, drinking, potentially not wearing a face covering or distancing, they can easily infect many other people. Or at the gathering, doing the same. She declined to comment on specifics of a legal battle The county is waging with a Sun Valley church that defied health orders Sunday and held in indoor worship service without safety precautions, But she did say such gatherings or dangerous. L. A County reported 1185 new cases of covert 19 Today in 19 new.

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