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You can never go near here ever, you can't act take her to dinner, and I only get two year. That would be the rule that we had you put there should be one or two protected situation. Like that someone with common sense can look at it and say, okay, that's not a review -able play. But we're gonna call the grand poobah. We'll get next commercial. You have the Commissioner for you about set off in a nice, quiet moment. I mean, do you think well something that people thrown out there something called a sky judge whether up in another member of the of the grand poobah this guy? The problem is is that you need to see a flag thrown thing. That drives me crazy. There's a play that happens. You think team's got a first down? And you think teams gotten off the field? And then all of a sudden there's somebody calling a penalty that you didn't even see the flag thrown hold on a second. If you I'm. Always putting myself in the fans seats how they're watching it, and whether it's acceptable or not for them to think that somebody who's not on the field is thrown a flag like, and it just drives people crazy. But there needs to be something. I agree with you that I'd love to hold you through the break. I got some other questions for you one more question on on that commercial. And then we've got a fun start bench cut. We give you three choices. You gotta start. When you gotta bend. You heard this it. That's okay. You'll get tough choice. You'll get through Peterberg here on the rich Eisen show. Don't you dare move on? Also when we come back on the television show audience. We did we showed this to Billy Bob Thornton. When he was here are our rich Eisen show Super Bowl show open from when we were in Houston a couple years ago Friday night lights, and I want to show that to you. That's next year in the richeisenshow..

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