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Less dangerous than Calvin Klein spoke at the death rates no it's not they're similar in prevalence and in death rate so we are saying that our response now now that we know the facts it's time to get back to work I say do we need to still shelter in place our answer is emphatically now do we need businesses to be shut down emphatically no do we need to have do we need to test them and get them back to work yes we do and because they were saying things that go against the W. H. O. the world health organization's guidelines for the world on this pandemic that's the reasoning Google used for pulling these videos down even though these are doctors looking at the science treating the patients now the videos from the W. H. O. in which they say things we know our love lives about China are still on you to those get to stay up it I want to make something clear I watch those videos I read a fair amount of criticism about them I think there are some flaws in the reasoning but this is not about that no it's not I don't agree with everything they said this is about YouTube and Google and and how many times do we have to report this sort of story there was one just a few days ago when you allow them the sensors power they do it horribly and they do it in service to their overlords which is frequently the Chinese no I don't agree with everything they said you have a frightening frightening part is because you have some doctors saying something different than what the doctor Fauci saying either you get your video pulled off of you too oh my god then they leave the W. H. O. crap up yeah they departed from the party ideology that's a very dangerous thing to do so so all part of this is YouTube managing at scale they've they've gone through a lot of phony jurors in the demonetised the vast majority of any video that has to do with corona virus and as a default because they these tech companies they don't want to be the ones to decide they often try to figure out well if the government says that will do this but YouTube decided that they will use the WHO's guidelines as the thing that they will just kind of benchmark stuff against never goes against that then we'll take it down and that that is flawed in him in many ways I'm trying to force on textile workers yeah well it reminds me of of Twitter the other day who will fact check the idea that the Chinese bat death came from that lab in Wuhan if found it faults and so blocked those tweets in the rest of it and it turns out their fact checkers were on the take it's it's a great example you just laid out of why it gets so difficult so fast when you start censoring anything yeah it's exactly like those guidelines we played from was a youtuber Twitter whoever I know that was Facebook about his book breast feeding nipples Ryan and I had to start with you can have nipples and breast feeding advocates complain then you had people breast feeding ten year olds and is that some sort of weird porn or is that Britain health and science and it just got really complicated really fast so they decide okay we're gonna go with official government guidelines if it's not then we won't allow it because people are saying all kinds of weird stuff on YouTube well okay well turns out the W. H. O. or a bunch of liars and getting paid off by the Chinese so going by the guidelines might not be the best idea I like to have some of the social media tried to crowd source it for a while where if you get a certain number of complaints or reports on a tweet it gets taken down and it took you know the twitterverse about five seconds to realize oh wait a minute I can just report this opinion I disagree with as being somehow scandalous or if they can they'll take it down so I will censor them that way and people abuse the hell out of it immediately it's that classic Cuba is the cure worse than the disease which I don't know that's the best metaphor when you're dealing with the disease actual disease comma but it obviously the idea of a couple of doctors presenting Vera point of view in reality is a good part of the conversation in an open society beyond that nobody could argue with that how scary is it that we even have to point that out and repeat what I would think people would know already and that's if you if you post that video people watch it and then somebody persuasive in smart comes along and says yeah their their reasoning has this flaw and this flaw in the reality is this everybody is so much the smarter than if you just had the our sensors take it down for us I mean come on but so what they're trying to avoid is if you have somebody some Dr oz type on there saying Iraq where running shoe Polish on your forehead it makes you you know resistant to covert and they think well that's gonna hurt people that's that's obviously not true so governor Northam Virginia's gonna claim yeah when I was black face yeah and blank that was that was trying to get rid of a hearing it was a bad example and now is it's fine if you're doing a Michael Jackson thing but you can you still never forget honey I don't think that's a good idea hello I've says it's not a good idea the bottle actually pulled down the doctors with the five million views I mean that's just us being yeah no they did not comport with the company line their private company they get to do whatever they want they can decide they don't want anybody with blonde hair on their videos if they want this point that's that's part of the difficulty with the where we are currently we're we're Google and YouTube are so huge yeah the I guess the idea is that over time a a counterbalance to that would rise up that hasn't happened yet to Facebook or YouTube right right well I just want people to know these companies are gigantic they are frequently wrong they have an awful tendency toward kowtowing to the powerful in the evil because that but you know the government of the United States might regulate and tax and that sort of thing but they're not going to do anything truly horrendous to Google or apple or Facebook or any year tech super giants but the evil communist Chinese will and so they bands to the Chinese well I just want people to be aware of that before you have you know accept them as does that those the Google would they do with the pretty colors in our logo and a cartoon general there at Cheyenne evil conglomerate I sear them Google it I was thinking about this last night were in the unfortunate unfortunate worst part of the the the internet coming on the scene I do believe that at this moment the internet is a net negative for society it wasn't in the beginning I don't think it will be in the future right now where we are I think it is a net negative for society in the way that the printing press was a net negative for society shortly after it came on the scene and the very beginning it seemed great then pretty soon all of a sudden people were bringing pamphlets to towns that were full of crap about ranch about witches and what not and people assumed it was true because everything else they'd ever read in their lives is true because there were gatekeepers just like we had gatekeepers for newspapers or whatever we assume things on the internet must have gate keepers turns out it doesn't warn that unfortunate period where we'd we haven't caught on to the lack of gate keepers and some sort of a trusted sites you know develop over time the we look to in week nor the other crap that's what'll happen just like with the burning presidentially some newspapers got some credibility okay I'll look at that read that I'm not going to just take the pamphlet you handed me on the dirt road into town okay go burn away I don't know which right wow so you have optimism this is not like you're you're back on the song I just wonder how long it will take for society to to figure this out and the sun and and some trusted sites or counter views to rise up to challenge what currently exists one of the great questions of our age who knows eventually or never because Google will crush them mark Zuckerberg go by him there's nobody in in in an office at Google that was willing to raise their hand and say we can't take down the videos because they're going counter to the BHL everybody knows the WHO's full of crap there's nobody in in an office a Google it would say that really not not powerful enough not heard either they're afraid to go against the group thank like that poor James what's his name the engineer yeah I said look a lot here in lighten and policies are not fact based on the wrong I think there are a lot fewer people in rooms having meetings discussing these things at tech companies and we would assume so how did this get pulled down this from surely wasn't just purely an algorithm with a video this pop well it's not simply algorithms but a lot of it is user driven users flag videos then they get sent up the food chain and that food chain is also an algorithm and if it gets up to the point where this is counter to what the who is saying and we have already established a who's our guidelines the more I think about it the more maddening it is you've got some doctors that are arguing for we shouldn't have a society locked down this way the virus isn't as bad as people are saying would you agree with them or not good god is there a more important conversation in America maybe in the world right now no and they have some legitimate input on that and they got pulled down by Google well end any time the giants connected and powerful and and the government say it well it just happens to be here an opinion that is resisting the giants connected and powerful in government that is it that must be taken down for the good of the public for their moral health I suggest you all trade very very carefully when you're doing that it's like the point you were making about a California highway patrol so they won't issue any more permits protesting against government policy because it would be too dangerous no no no no no no that is the single last thing you can do in a free society what are your thoughts on this text nine four one five two nine five K. 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