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Schools in the pandemic. The decision on Roger Stone, I'm Evan handing kids need to be back in school. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told CNN State of the union that the Trump Administration is pushing all schools to fully reopen in the fall. There's going to be the exception to the rule, but the rules should be that kid's go back to school this fall. And where there are little flare ups or hot spots that could be dealt with on a school by school or a case by case basis. As Florida sees record covert 19 infections, some counties are resisting a statewide order to reopen schools. Miami Dade County School Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo Till NBC's meet the press officials were talking with the state's athletic commission about school sports. Certainly it's easier to envision tennis being practiced in a safe way. Then it is wrestling or football. But we are probably progressively be opening sometime later July some training camps with extreme social distance an opportunity for kids to begin to re engage more objections to President Trump's commutation of his friend Roger Stone's 40 month prison sentence. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff told ABC is this week. The Democrats and Republicans should be offended by stones actions because Stone was the link between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence, the same Russian intelligence unit that hacked Donald Trump's opponents emails. He was the link with their cut out Wikileaks as well through which they published these and Donald Trump was desperate to get his hands on these emails. He urged the Russians toe hack Hillary's e mails. He touted them when they did over 100 times on the campaign trail. He thought there was central to his victory. The first federal execution in 17 years will proceed as scheduled tomorrow. In 1996 47 year old Daniel Lewis Lei murdered a gun dealer, his wife and her eight year old daughter. I'm Evan. I'm Ken Jeffrey from the worth of Brothers Roofing W B a. P 24 7 news desk governor Rabbits announced that federal support for Corona virus testing sites in Dallas and Houston has been extended until the end of this month. According to News eight, Dallas County reported over 1100 new cases of covert 19th Sunday and two deaths. Tarrant County With over 400 new cases Sunday and four deaths. Denton County reports 112 new cases and Collin County. She's 74 new cases, Newsday says Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, sparked a political firestorm this past week when he pulled the plug on the Texas Republican Party convention. Convention was scheduled to take place this coming week in Houston said he's been hit hard station says by Colbert, 19 and the mayor said he didn't want the GOP meeting to go on for health and safety reasons. Travis County Republican chair Matt McCoy, Jack tells news a. There was no perfect auction here. You know, there are risks to doing an event like this. You have people coming in from all over the state of Texas. Perhaps bringing Corona virus with them if they're asymptomatic, but more importantly, by congregating together, even if you do it as safely as possible. You could contract the virus and then take it back to wherever you live. Then again, he said the Republican convention had gone beyond Houston's public health guidelines and preparation, including Canceling events, adding hand sanitizer stations, temperature checks and encouraging but not requiring attendees to wear masks The station ads now Republicans are fighting legally to still hold their convention. At.

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