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It's 809 41 Sean, if you want to be a part of the program, and it's inexplicable why Biden Is being bullied by the Taliban and agreeing to stick to this August 31st deadline. Even we have what even Democrats now saying that that it's going to be impossible to keep that deadline and get everybody out of there. Um, it makes no sense. The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, announcing that only several 1000 Americans have been evacuated since August, 14th. Um it's just a horrendous situation. The president has got us into even his own. You know, even former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that this is going to get a whole lot worse. Uh, while prime Minister, the prime minister of Singapore is lecturing Kamala Harris about this blunder and how it's damaged America's credibility worldwide and even teams that are p of people Americans are trying to orchestrate private evacuations. Say Biden is actually hurting their efforts. You it doesn't get any worse than this, Uh, many U. S senators trying to do everything they can do to help people in their district or just Americans. That they know are in trouble or the death sentence that would await Afghan said that we promised of mistake ever came. When we would we would get them out, knowing that they will be killed. It's a death sentence if they stay behind. At seven days left, and Joe Biden shows no indication of the urgency that is needed to get every single person out of there. And Senator Cotton has called for a military rescue of trapped Americans. If if Biden is going to stick to this deadline and be bullied by the Taliban, or the least we ought to have, you know tens of thousands of troops evacuating the people all over Afghanistan and make sure they get safe passage to the airport because you know, even our own state Department. They keep sending out memos. You might want to consider making your way to the airport. We can't guarantee your safety. You better not go today. Saturday. It's bad day here. Uh oh. And all the checkpoints are changing in the entry points are changing by the minute. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. I mean, you can't You can't write a novel this insane. I know one person whose family he went on Fox and friends and his entire family trapped behind enemy lines. Uh, Senator Tom Cotton was instrumental in getting them out. His name is Harran. He was on with us last night on Hannity listen to what he said. Haroon when we talked to you last week. And you told us the harrowing story about how you had gone to the airport twice and there were just thousands of people the tout you were reluctant to show your American passport because you were worried that the Taliban would see that And then follow you to your parents' home and kill your whole family tells her to tell us about the day you finally made it through the checkpoints and got To the Plains. Eventually, I had to do that ever my parents as you just mentioned they have to show that Taliban all the paperwork that he had in his hand. Otherwise, still ask them where you're going and stuff like that, even myself. I did show them my passport, to be honest. That I.

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