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MLB All Star game on ESPN Radio and the ESPN. Back here in Denver. John Ciampi. Chris Singleton with you. Aaron Judge started off against the new pitcher, and that will be Corbyn burn. Steve Roberts telling us Corbyn Burns singing is going to go two innings so he takes over on the back side from Max Scherzer. There will be no drop off in stuff here for Corbyn Burns. First time All Star 44236 cr eight Chris He has struck out 128 in 87 2 3rd had that great stretch of this season of Strikeouts without a walk in. He's just had an incredible year. You look at this kid's story Over the last couple of seasons, he's become a star, and I don't think he's going back Burns out of the stretch and fires that would download Aaron Judge. It's ball one judge endeavors than Simeon. No score. We're in the second here, All Star Game course Field in Denver Judge Open Stance on the right side burns ready and finally That one misses down low. Aaron Judge 29 years old. This is his third All Star appearance, Really the best numbers he's put up, probably since that 2017 year when he was an absolute monster burns that you won't and that one misses down it away. And now it's three Christmas thing that jumps out to me about Aaron Judge the strikeout rate 25%. That's Basically big League average for this guy who has in the past been prone to swinging and missing and he is slugging and hitting for power. Right hand back three. Oh, and that's outside, and judge will take his face. Burns comes in, and it's a four pitch walk Now birds not really wanting the best with their and judge there, but you do want to see guys. I mean, just compete challenge one. Another Indian burns just kind of pitching like This really mattered for is er a there, and I want the judge to have an opportunity and judge the ball out to any part of the ballpark. I mean, this is not Yankee Stadium fun with the altitude elevation. Pretty much is for Aaron. Judge so shift on with Rafael Devers. Up here. The 24 year old third basement left hand bat. Here's a pitch swinging a bouncer and that one bounces over the head of Freeman down the first baseline rolls into foul ground cast Janos over to pick it up. Up racing for third is judge. He's in there Devers into second high chopper double over the first base bag and Freddie Freeman and the American League in business. It's 2nd and 3rd. And there's nobody out now Freddie Freeman holding the runner on there and then bouncing off playing in front of the bag. Still way he gets to that. I mean, he's got some hops, but not that kind of hop that he's playing back with Nobody on and that's it out, but good job of just put the ball in play, and we're used to seeing Home runs the ball in the air, but you'll take that right there. It's a nice little double for Denver's 2nd and 3rd Nobody out scoreless..

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