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Due to it's twenty one day shelf life they've made the statement on their website it's gone out on their twitter and at this point i think we are going to be in the claire i know there was some concern as to whether they really had a grasp of what took place and why it took place and i'm not sure i'm not sure if they have done a deep dive and figured out as to what the cause was contaminated runoff or something or animal excrement or some concern there but the belief is that since the harvest season has ended there in yuma that the likelihood of any of this being in the system is unlikely and it's unfortunate this comes you know what a couple of weeks after one person died here in california due to the bacteria so the as of may fifteenth the total number of people affected by the strain was one hundred seventy two people across thirty two states and just to get an understanding of the magnitude the cdc announced that this was the largest multistate e coli outbreak in the us in twelve years so in over a decade this was this was a biggie and there were some restaurants that went ahead and kept serving in just clarified hey or romaine lettuce came from california and there were some places i told you that i was at soup plantation with my family and they had signs just said hey just to be safe we don't have it at all we've taken romain lettuce off our menu we don't have the mixed lettuce as well with the romaine in there we don't have hearts of romaine we don't have anything he took it off during this period and i respect that i like knowing that and seeing that sign when you walk in saying hey we're out thinking you maybe you've heard about this maybe you haven't but we as a someone in service to you and making a meal for you we're gonna take care of this just not have it so you'll probably if you went into restaurants that had signs like that or hadn't had your your caesar salad whatever was your dish of choice with romain lettuce that you'll probably start seeing come back very quickly and you can make whatever decision in your home.

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