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Just so you know i'm not gonna tell you what to do but this would be in the best interest of everybody involved he would talk with a southern accent he talking he'd be an all white with one of those like kentucky fried chicken colonel ties abortion sometimes you need to hear we have joe borsch right in the last two minutes of the fourth period during the last two minutes of overtime we have a trigger to use replay if the officials have doubt whether a defender is inside or outside of the restricted area now this is a bang bang play you got james coming over but y'all have green coming in and by the time to plays over sort of the defenders are all laying in the restricted area so there was some doubt so they decided to come to reply to see where james was now one of the reviewable matters once they're at replay is whether james was in a legal guarding position or if an offensive player if the rent maybe did something illegal maybe with you know an extended foot and what the decision was with mike callahan here in the replay center along with candy maur on the court who called the offensive foul that james was not in a legal position he was still sliding to his left when rand started his upward motion therefore the call was overturned to a blocking foul not quite a show in southern philly may maybe but not a southern accent that's joe borja here's the problem i have with the way the rule is set up and i get the rule the rule is established so that you can find out whether a guy had a foot as he was trying to plant and create a charge whether we had a foot in the restricted area because you can't have a charge in the restricted area it goes away right we get that the fact that you can actually overturn it based on now slowing down or stopping frame by frame what happened is ridiculous if you could do that with a bunch of other plays out there like a sideline play they can go back and review it and find out which finger it went off you can do that but you can't suddenly whoa wait a minute i'm gonna.

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