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The oped page and what were some of the proudest moments that you had there was with the pitch for about two and a half to three years one of those years i also did the book review section i did all the new sections that were starting because there weren't that many art directors so i worked on the proudest thing there were quite a few things first of all just being at the new york times which to me is still the most important news gathering and news telling organization in this country i did a page towards the end of the vietnam war that richard avedon did and he came and spent the entire day making me miserable mine because we used to do the paper and hot metal and engravings had to be made and you couldn't control the density of the picture and he wanted controlled a certain way so we just spent hours and hours and hours getting it done the right way but it was nice and there was a page once where it was a story about the kennedy assassination and i took the rifle that the famous picture of the rifle and i airbrushed the hands out of the rifle and just took the rifle as a rifle and leaned it against a column of type when went from the bottom of the page to the top of the page and the associate editor of the page was out that so went through when he came back he said he was really pissed he said i would never have let you do that why i don't know now but but i said okay i did it is it true that if you didn't always have budget you would make cartoons that you actually create your own cartoons but you used a pseudonym so you felt that they were good enough but you didn't want to be known for them they weren't good enough i did them anyway and i didn't want anybody to know i did them what was the again until you but i just squeezed that one in there then you went to the new york times book review and you did that for decades i did that for about thirty years and thirty years thirty years while you were there in tire for thirty three years roy and then plus seven years under contract to contract so what was it like to work on the book review every week what was it what was group who was the new york times it was the book review it was dealing with material i loved dealing with strangers that i liked giving people their first jobs i felt godlike i also feel like no by then it was just god and woody allen say you have to model yourself after somebody exactly said other things too yeah but it was wonderful experience there were a bunch of different editors each one i had to learn to get along with in different ways and it became kind of there was one editor that i really didn't like and decided to go out and look for work and realized after visiting other magazines that nothing was better than the times and i just bit the bullet until he left there was an editor woman editor who i loved we got along great there was another editor who always had this line at the end of the day another day in the long march toward death that wasn't you that will say but one of my little quirks was we would always show pages on wednesday before it went to press and we'd do them as big xerox's folded over and i would draw hitler mustaches on everybody and it got to be so that everybody in the room started drawing hitler that was giving you an enormous amount of pleasure didn't the you had an opportunity while you were at the times to begin writing books and so you have since written one hundred eighty books year in varying degrees of co authorship close stave one hundred eighty it's one hundred eighty it's amazing so what was.

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