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Travel weekend. We'll tell them. What can people do if their flights are canceled. Under these circumstances if the airline cancels the flight and passenger should be reimbursed for hotel and food but actually getting on another plane because all airlines are full right now. That could take days or longer. Lester all right tom. Castillo thanks in new york governor. Andrew cuomo is so far refusing to accept growing calls to resign after this week's report detailing numerous allegations of sexual harassment which he denies kate. Snow has the latest. Hold up at the governor's mansion today. Andrew cuomo is increasingly. Isolated the circle around the governor is just getting smaller. Longtime ally jacobs heads the democratic party in new york and defended cuomo for months before the state attorney general found evidence of harassment. What was it in that report that made you change your mind. I was personally upset by the magnitude of it in the specificity of on wednesday he called the governor and pleaded with him to resign. It didn't work. He was very clear that he had a felt that his side of the story had not been a fully aired. And he wanted to do that. He wasn't think that he's being treated fairly today. The state assembly judiciary committee said it's wrapping up an impeachment investigation into sexual harassment allegations and also whether cuomo covered up nursing home. Cova deaths or had. Staffers helped write his book. The committee asking cuomo's attorneys to provide any additional evidence or written submissions. By the end of next week committee member phil steck says unless cuomo resigns. A lengthy impeachment process seems inevitable. You don't see any way he can survive this politically. I don't while cuomo denies any wrongdoing. Jacobs thinks he will eventually recognize. He has to step down. Accusers would say what's taking so long. It's hard you know when this is your life your legacy or history with your father and it's all coming to an end. The only one who doesn't see that yet he says is the governor himself kate snow. Nbc news new york. They had a one of the nation's largest labor unions has died. Richard trumka served as president of the afl cio for more than a decade. It was the third generation coal miner who put himself through law school. Before rising in the union ranks president biden who called trumka. A close friend said he died from a heart attack on a camping trip with family. He was seventy two this week. President biden announced the us has shipped more than one hundred million doses of vaccine to help the international battle against covert. cynthia mcfadden. Now on why. That's so important to the fight here at home. An international pandemic requires an international response and that was the idea behind kovacs. A multibillion dollar alliance launched to ensure that poor countries would get access to the lifesaving vaccines. It has an entirely worked out that way now. Nearly eighteen months into the pandemic kovacs has delivered vaccine to one hundred and thirty eight countries but still only about fifteen percent of the world's population is fully vaccinated with the highest numbers found in the world's richest countries. The greatest threat to our vaccination effort at home is our failure to invest adequately in vaccination abroad the delta variant that we are suffering now is a byproduct of the virus spreading unchecked abroad in march. We were given exclusive access to the rollout of nearly nine hundred thousand. Kovacs vaccines in uganda. Enough to fully vaccinate about one percent of the population distribution is time consuming and expensive which we saw a unicef team delivered forty precious doses to the bouma islands. It's wonderful to have this and yet it's much smaller amount than you'd hoped. Got larry brilliant help to radically smallpox. He says we cannot wait to vaccinate the rest of the world. We really have a stark choice in front of us either. We export vaccine manufacturing factories or will import from those same countries and others variance so while the by the administration's gift of one hundred million doses with the promise of more to come is welcome. It's still leaves. Kovacs woefully under resource. Perhaps the minister of health in uganda said it best on every human life mutt. We have to hold hands together if we are going to win this war today. Less than two percent of those living in the developing world have been vaccinated and that is a problem for everyone. Cynthia mcfadden nbc news. That's nightly news. For this thursday from tokyo you can watch all the olympic action tonight here on nbc and a program note a new episode of nightly news kids edition from tokyo streaming. Now thank you for watching everyone. I'm lester holt. Please take care of.

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