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But like I'm proud again. Because if he had tried to float literally anyone else in the tribe maybe with Zach floated with anyone else they would have said no henry. We're not doing that so I had to sit there and just kind of like just take it really for house. Well it's getting a little bit in that like rainy off day because you guys win ice cream lucky and phoebe come ova and Shawny finds the idol so talk us through how this is developing in a positive way. Yes Sir Henry has like literally the most amazing one on one challenge when I've seen on survivor like when he bounces. The thing on the thing. It's a little paddle any bounce bounce bounce bounce bank do onto today's absolutely dunked on it in my head. This is bad for my car and arguments that he needs to go like that was so sick and what was also good about that. Is it Kinda like gave Henry some kind of a glimmer of pipe? So he kind of like was able to. He thought that he could maybe try and work his way back in by being congenial and he didn't have to go down to blow everything up route so he kind of helped me as well. And we want Oscar which brilliant so lucky fi become. I've I'm pretty sure this is where we found out about the mole by official told me about the day of being the mole at this point con-conflict. Shawny after the. The challenge is wrapping up. I say to someone wears Shawnee and I said she's gone off seek and I was like that doesn't sound right. She would've asked me to talk to me told me I'm seek like keep an eye on the I just didn't feel right to me. So go walk off to the world funder and like I would rank that moment as one of my top. Three moments of the entire season that was the the pure unadulterated joy. I fell her. Finding that auto is just. This is the stuff of legends. Like like I just.

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