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It'd be great if you blew up with the tigers. But i'm not drafting him anywhere so yeah now. Forget all that cameron super deeply. If anything right now probably waiting to see what about this guy though. Miguel and horsey starting to hit your radar because he's just clubbing. The ball lately look now his last eight games. He's got five homers with a three twenty three three thirty three eight. Oh six line and Has outfielder eligibility now. Because he's been playing out there. I think he started not only coming into the year. So now you've got as outfielder are you generating any interest here or is he generating any from you. Miguel enda har because he's still available in in some leagues people were pretty quick are pretty slow to like jump on him because he started off slowly and were a good bit removed from when he was good back in two thousand eighteen now so i wonder is he finally generating some interest from from you. I mean i think short term interest. I mean he's making a crap ton of zone contact ninety three point five percents zone contact. Yeah it's a weird profile. It's like willie. Calhoun plus like yeah. One percent walk rate. That's not very good with a lot zone contact. i mean i think it's it's he's always been an interesting thought. The guy who barrels the ball pretty well. Great velocity numbers. Great hard hit numbers you know. Has problems sticking you know on a roster or on the yankees roster because this defensive issues but the seemingly just letting him run out there because clint frazier socks and row for him and they're in their deal with injuries. I sailing you can kind of ride the odd streak right now but the profiles a bit scary and i do think yankees are going to be a team that address the outfield In season This is a team that had world series aspirations their third place in the division. They're kind of fallen behind the raise. You've got the jays right there with them kind of in fourth place. I think they're going to be aggressive at the trade deadline. Got a little like month and a half window where they might give into our around before they go address the position with you know whoever they're going to be training for in that a deadline. How well does he after implying to to hold that though and maybe not be the one who's replaced. I gotta play pretty well especially with the defensive issues. Though i mean he has been he has been palatable. Defensively field not play gardner they do. But in what's center fielder is of illegal. I don't know. I have not looked at the market. But he's been terrible. This year probably will get better if you just kinda plays through it if you of look at his numbers that the profile doesn't look too different for for gardner at at a surface glance and he had a one ten. Wrc plus last year. And it's seventy two this year. Part of that is a three percent homer to fly eight. So you throw in a couple of extra homers and it'd be looking like where he needs to be but surely they feel like they can upgrade that portion. I don't know but yeah. I think it's fair to point out end to harm. Might not just have unlimited time because they are going to address. They are going to address their team at the deadline for sure and might include multiple moves. But he's playing right now and so honestly. I know that something. You can necessarily worry about the deadline. Is you know in in seven weeks so showing look really good on those team. That's exactly what i was going to say. That padres rumor but he got hurt when he did. He left the game on monday. Or tuesday after hitting home. Run against my giants. But i i think it's it doesn't seem like it's going to be something to keep them out super long. But yeah i mean. The rangers need to start looking at trading him trading kyle gibson trading draining. Whatever isn't nailed down correct. I i definitely agree with that outlook for them. But to definitely making some noise right now starting to be a pickup that that you might wanna make and at least in the short term. If you're planning for him to be the your rest of season answer that's probably wrong. Just not only from his playing time but also profile in general but he gave some love right. Now let's talk some pictures tucker davidson. We got to watch him on the watch party last week. We were a little annoying. That we lost the ian anderson start. They moved him to facing the dodgers. What's actually didn't work out for them. He didn't do very well. But i understand you know putting your better pitcher against an elite team so we got davidson and the watch party we. We all came away pretty impressive. This is pretty good. Five and two thirds one hit. He did have the five walks. But i thought the stuff was kinda nasty part of that. Part of those five walks was difficult to rein in which sometimes can in a weird way be a credit to the fact that like. Oh it was nasty. You've got rain in a little bit and and you'll be all right. He only one walk this time out and six scoreless against the phillies and now he has eleven in two thousand scoreless over his last two starts nine strikeouts. Just four hits allowed six walks. He had a baseline quality. Start before that against the meds. So we're looking to davidson three starts in pretty good. Is he hitting your radar as somebody to pick up now. I think so especially with the state of bitching has an half knots. He's he's one of those guys that the have nots can go out and get and the strikeout upside isn't really there. And we've seen that dna games in five or four strikeouts but that's fine. When he's not walking guys does not give up home runs. He was really impressive in that. Start against washington and i know a lot of people who kind of wrote up that game or like. Oh the walks the walk the walk. I mean one. He never had more than one walk in. That's the thing we watch that and we didn't really think like oh. He's laboring trouble now. All part of it was he you know. He had a little bit control issues at times but then would raynham them right in. Go after the hitter. Get him out. And then he also wasn't giving in so he wasn't you know he wasn't going to be like here's a home rhyme. He's a bad pitch yet. What's coming he's like chase out of the zone if you don. That's fine of still got another base in to those five walks against won- soda like that's unscrambles sky in the lineup. Bu exactly especially when their lineups being garbage exactly now. I came away really impressed to the point where actually made a couple of pickups of him this week i'm very happy with the returns here. I think he'll be a big pickup this week. In the kind of catching up on the league's that didn't get him this past sunday. So tucker davidson very nice nother star. That went really well. Here was spider nick. Vladimir gutierrez if. You don't know what that means. Go google vladimir good. Dare you can't it. He has a giant spider tattooed on his neck. It hurts me to look at. Because i cannot fathom the pain that he went through to get that andy has tattoos on each side of the spider so he hasn't had the spider in the middle of the neck. And then something on each side of that. So it's entire naked tattooed so you can come and tattoo neck if you really want but spider neck has been pitching well now. His first start. I watched in in detail. The comes one and i came away like okay. You got kind lucky there. It was an ugly day at wrigley. The stuff was underwhelming. Same thing happened in the saint. Louis start to us like man. The stuff's just not that great. But then yesterday's outing was a bit more dominant. It was seven seven innings of to run ball. Against the brewers was seven strikeouts. He finally kind of dialed into some strikeout stuff. I'm still kind of keeping them at arms length. I actually do like ladimir gutierrez. I think i explained that. He's a huge meme on my stream because of his spider net. because like. why wouldn't you love to talk about spider neck. So we're big fans but you know that fandom doesn't mean i'm just running out to pick them up because i really don't see stuff here that that jumps off the page i think he is kind of coasting a bit and easiest number. I can give you for that. As a to sixty five and a five ten sierra i think he's coasting a little bit on some on some favorability last night start was good. At least we finally saw some strikeouts here. But do you think spider neck needs to be picked up to sixty five year or dc that five ten sierra. And you say. I can't do it. I'm staying away from this. You know i mean not just the five ten areas that are the two. Oh eight babbitt. I know it's one left on base rate that will surely last year in the eleven percent..

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