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I don't do kyle. I'm andrew had calm when you look over miami and what to on the young dolphins are doing with with all their use and just really rising maybe a year or two earlier than people thought any cues or anything can take from what they're doing and the success. They're having the dolphins of the dolphins and more the broncos on different offense than we do. They're under defense than league. Do they have a different quarterback different off sublime yourself. I'm always really take from them as the score more points than the other teams do. We're not doing that whether that's what they do. Or how do it at up to them but by focuses the broncos right now not the dolphins. Hey drew pat was saying the responsibility for adjusting protections. Pre-snap starts with quarterback in center. So how do you feel. You are at this compared with when you first started last year. And what are the things that can be done. Day-to-day to continue improving. Yeah definitely farther. Than when i was last year the thing that helped me a lot last year. Was you have a veteran guy. Guys play tackle played guard in. He's played center and this is his second year at center. Were used in the league. Prevent people we talk about our young skilled athletes but ottawa. Forget about cushion direct. He is and me and him both to work together to get these blitzes picked up. It's it's not easy. You have thoughts on whether you want to slide at this week or you wanna take it or who they like to blitz. the mostyn just like i've said every week guys come in and it's a little different might get stung in the first half by we sell. We scouted them. Stop this thing. And then they brought something else. It's just all about adapting in game for nate kush and that's the basis that we need. He making progress in his. Yeah we know looks that we've seen on film majority of the time it will be the ones you've seen on film but about us heating up the ones that aren't always on on you..

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