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You mentioned that every day used to check out of your hotel. This is what you do when you're on on the tour. Check out your hotel. You leave your back on perception old tickets the site within because if you lose you WANNA fly home. You don't WanNa spend another hundred quitnow. It was probably more like two hundred. You don't want to spend on. Whatever is appalled when you can put that to all something else. You have to be tight so I got used to that habit also. I can't enjoy going home. We're staying at that moment. So yeah checked out more go into routine. I wasn't expected to Winston massively surprise but like yeah check out and think Oh. I'll get work. Yeah you're like okay. You ready to go. Yeah exactly. So you'd know pressure on yourself. Is that what you're saying? A little bit is not so. We're not prequalified happy. May Mike my now wife Asab. You always planning on getting engaged and the want to couple of great wants. Sorry that's great that's good. That's good so I went on prequalified and so we were just happy for anything from there then obviously always doubled every time. I want to watch in call a sudden you're looking at fifty an older and more expensive rings and object the same. So you're still the same boat but I sell in quantities like pizza gate a rube left. Medvedev like yes. Such great names now. I mean Yeah. I think a lesson a year later. We'll talk fifty on you when I went actually I'll six down gates or nineteen minutes. Just misfiring overplaying. It could have been very different. Yeah I didn't have the best role that they made me on it. They may be NFC to qualify. But I'm so much happier that way. Then you're not gonNA walk for lucky loser or something on that play. Surrounded method seven full set. So you were playing during. His wasn't wasn't hard compared to on the Friday. Just a case of keeping my enough how your nerves or I ever when you walk on call and everyone's cheering relaxes you. It's like when you can often be nervous system exhibition. Not just before it's really right. It's really rammed that when when it's coming up it didn't certainly didn't hit me then. Branka selves the oppressor building it up at the time. If if Marcus meets brand 'cause he plays federal so you take down. Branka suit is of these hampered by injuries. Well but he's a great player. Yeah and what was the press and reaction like before federal much? Work All your mates texting. It was your phone. Just hopping more fun was going nuts. Yeah I finish applied to paper what month after some people of SIA. I couldn't get through the more than once through the middle close family members are cool me so that was fun. Yano took a while to sift through messages and the fallen tickets is also not my everyone who supplements ticket. Oh well into to be one so year and you WANNA win. Wouldn't take were you handling the ticket allocation yourself now. I have someone helping me at the time. Luckily I I told him unless people definitely want it there and then do we got to because yeah. I didn't have enough time to worry about stuff and sponsors. Were too so in on. Tsa Can you wear this patch on your bowl off so that was all look after? I'd I'd like a Sunday night for those great few weeks or at the turn down twenty from the sun which was very easy to twenty grounds. Nas It is very nice. Obviously being in the court found him through the No. You know no I'm sitting in didn't even cross my mind and my sediment they're gonNA pay him on. I said look. I'm not wearing that much but yeah nice sponsors apart again. People very interested every now. Did you sleep tonight before he played? Fed really wows exhausted so it wasn't just seven months. Eight seven to get better. It was the press in the media and everything that it just exhausted so I didn't have a problem sleeping also great and you thought late so not before play. Rank is twenty. Two twenty nine back got three Monday. Night care you're wearing trs gear. Where are you know not against Brian? Kiss I wore the all Russia because to wear patches as close that you can't win the new kit basically so member exactly. I'm not shy call but it was worth sharing. That are Russia. Okay on it. Obviously everyone yeah I did it. 'cause I love fest which I would have won the newest if I if I could obviously looked sharp as you can on the big arena. Exactly what's up walking at Center court? What seventeen eighteen thousand people Yeah Yeah so we did the war. It was more of a walk through the woods up small scary. There's like a walk. Do from from the change in through the clouds on the call on everyone saw stood there watching you walk on on school at other game plan ahead so it's just came through the Wolof and actually have brady hat. My my stomach slowly match in as a third seconds. Bring Kiss or something Off of that painkiller it up and get on with it. I. It wasn't yeah I I. If you call planets is normally okay. What was planning survivor was just trying to stay. Injury-free stay relaxed and then it was actually trying to talk his shorter backgammon and its first round against Colorado pain. He didn't have a very good surf round and he was struggling with the And I think he has the work done because I hate it. He seemed pretty crazy than I had to adapt again and change. But you know what he was saying when I started landing muster uh on the better than I got more into by the end of the chance to maybe look winning a set to break third. South thing can Didn't quite often but also I i. I was happy with it. Good as we watched the highlights last night. And obviously you hit you hit that famous incredible lob to hope kept fooling opened the first as well so What Yeah what. You don't realize is that yeah it shut the roof so. I don't know if it was if I'm making excuses because Roger them full I felt I felt very different to the ground on the Nathan felt very different from the outside. It's like oh it's quicker. As many times. Eternity Forty Times played on that core was your first time. He knows all the little tricky areas. Livery he does and he's trying to put you there which he did. WanNa the tell me what happened after of sleet press still wing MoD. How has your life afterwards? It changed all say hello stuff and so nice but that he saw a month or two later. I'd say it's quite traumatizing. But it's not all good. No I'm ready. Prepared you to be just in the in the world again courtroom and Yeah. It's it's pretty much there so for me. I'm a wife and harmful engine and you just you just Yeah I don't know it's strange to explain. It's no public divorce on sort of Medina thrown at thrown in public and all this interest and then it just stops again so yeah. That's what I'm doing again. Now at a couple of injuries very lucky to have four children and the square one again and it's not being always easy for sure. I can imagine that where you're you're thrown into the guy and then obviously nobody wants to know you. Did they move on with the world moves off kind of I'm not getting now? You devastating conversations a paper sponsorship. And you know I'm trying to try to even train for free now rather than trying trying you know. People want to pay go news facilities and stuff. I'm not used which is gone. It's just another expense and you think your kids as well. As a couple of years ago people invoice coming in trying to hold starting off again. You know needs to get myself into shape and they look in. Yeah it's GonNa cost you this much new thinking okay. That's the way the loaded that will never change And I get it I will. Why would someone give you something? They're in the same way. You think how the people actually need health guys didn't need it. I would have happily pay to to end the places before when the money is not an issue. Unfortunately doesn't happen. Not Maybe there should be a reverse prizemoney system. I don't know yeah some. Something's not working is no no tournaments. They won't talk guys winning. So they're GONNA PAY THEM. They're GONNA put them on my favorite quote they're gonNA because it makes more money for the tournament as a business. You don't really talk guys losing you don't want no you need them. Sick qualifies doing doing really well even though the crowd loved to see the tournaments down to the sponsors. The sponsors tournaments. Yeah Yeah but for me and you watching massively favor. The Underdog Olifants deaths most fun. Yeah Yeah on telling Me Markus so you became a dod apart from financial pressure to you. Has It changed your outlook on your tennis career. I'm not a much less bothered by now. I used to thaw steam firearm cool and now I'm thinking back. It was a lot and there's no need but again that's the way I could get a right. Get quite copy 'em Pas and stuff and you sit back and have a thing and none of this makes any will so yeah. I'm more relaxed. Forty more patient such would in the same way the lack of slaves bruce. Or when you're often last week was fine because my baby just about trying to sleep through now. So last night's on three but waiting. Obviously my wife does a lot but she's working as well so when you say midnight three and six broken slate ready really hit me. And then I'm waking up naked and then so as injured and probably didn't have as well as I should as on the decision making goes out the window as well. Just have a couple of tomorrow so now the PUCK Christian guy. Yeah Yeah it makes everything a lot harder especially with our plans when you're India especially when you're not sleeping it's you against the well. Yeah I'm coming through it now. Acceptance go to bed tonight and the except probably. I'm probably going to be taught Tamar but I've got no CRAP FOOD IN MY HOUSE. Now so you die. Wake up tied and eat crown anymore. Because there's a big big difference. We have a five month old. Who just came actually think when I launched the podcast and of its made it really challenge in your right. Your decision making goes down to drain. When you're tired you'll do the easy stuff..

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