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And I think I think everybody was dealing with that everybody air was terrible. I was I was just trying to do stuff on the weekend. I had a bane mask on. Yes. Riding a bike unrelated. But I just do very you've never not had a bane through. I was born. Yeah. It was. And then I fell on my bike outside story. I'm not meaning to make it about me. But yeah, the fires. I mean, it tore through real tragedy by. Bye. If anyone has any tips, let me know. But yeah, the like, especially there are parts of like Agora hills. I have friends whose family members lost their houses tragically out there. And yet it looks like I mean people all over the area suffered from these wildfires. And then, you know, while Trump was out in France disrespecting the Americans who lost their lives in World War One and all the people who lost their lives in World War One. He was just in his hotel room tweeting some shit like well, if these fires won't stop. I'm going to. I'm not going to give you any more money. Claiming California firefighters for this. Now, this also just one fact about that the federal government manages forty percent of that. So right manager forty percent of the land the land where the fire started so smoke that one. Yeah. But yeah, it's making me wonder like, I don't know how are people still openly behind this, dude? Like when a racist guy in the mid west is like saying to his why. And I guess they're everywhere race guy anywhere is like, you know, he's shitting on traditional American heroes while they're fighting fires like don't have to stop driving around to like, his rallies slick isn't this like right just against everything that other thing that I like about this fire in particular like there were a lot of high profile famous people affected by it. Well, maybe he'll give a fuck now that fit because he doesn't give about regular people. Maybe we'll give about it. But he just doesn't give a lot of his critics too. He's like he's like Eliza Milano horses. Don't care. Glue conservatives on Twitter like mega Twitter was using this as an opportunity to be like look at these triggered libs. Burning burn hail. Come on now. Yeah. I it became sort of a political thing, which del Toro's museum house. Yeah. Oh, his house burned. And never got to see. I think I believe it did. I mean, I know Anna whose name was really affected because the bachelor house burned down. Yeah. The bachelor mansions you came in with a fucking tattoo on her face day. It happened. I think downs quick the Westworld set like the old west town where a bunch of westerns. But most recently as Westworld was was set. Now deadwood in the Dakota. No, they built their own town. But it got torn down fairly recently. But maybe they were shooting the west Vern down in that other fire there, but yeah. So Westworld, they're going to have to rebuild Westworld, essentially and. Miley Cyrus house burned a bunch of celebrities. Neil Young's house burned down two of the original charmed members, those Milana an Holly Mary comes Jesus James. And James would ha there was like all sorts of weird bipartisan celebrity Twitter coming together James would is like we got to save these horses, and then they end up saving the horses, and then I found out a horse hack. If there's a fire and your horses or endanger, you spray paint your phone number on them. And then you let them go. Oh interests. Jamie tax damn, that's that's really cool horse in trouble. Does what you do to James woods would detail. James woods, literally tweeted that Elizabeth Ilana spray paint your phone number on the horses and set them free because they just will have better instincts than our that. He looked trailer S's like waiting for someone say, which is funny because for him, he's Mr. maga- himself. Yeah. Right. For him to be like, I wonder what they think to like wouldn't he clapback on right wing Twitter who argues and he's like, hey asshole this. Yeah. Eliza Malahide a tweet out later. Like, listen, I needed horse tips. James woods happened to be the person who had the best horse. I'm sorry. I've been horse hacked. He also found a way to like make for some reason the hashtag was like, James woods. Firstly? What started the fire? Which was weird..

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