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Not our CBS news interview with the head of the FDA, who confirmed with us tonight, the FDA would consider emergency approval for a covert vaccine before clinical trials are completed. Now that has raised a number of concerns that there's pressure To get a vaccine approved before the November election. Dr. Jon Lapook asked Dr Stephen Han, if politics is playing a role in vaccine development as we continue our Siri's racing to a cure really good question tonight, FDA commissioner Dr Stephen Han and says the agency is not losing its independence when it comes to making a vaccine against Cove in 19 available, the public is concerned about the politicization of the process. President Trump Tweeted about a deep state of the FDA. There are people in the medical community were being critical of the whole process. I can tell you our decision and FDA will not be made on any other criteria. In the science and data associated with these clinical trials, Dr Hahn says. Depending on that data, it's possible a vaccine could be available by Election Day under an emergency use authorization program. Before a face retrial is completely finished. Have you felt pressured politically to make a decision One way or another? I have not been pressured politically to make an incorrect decision. How about pressure to make what you think is a correct decision. There's been pressure throughout this pandemic. John, I think anybody who doesn't acknowledge that Would be kidding themselves. Some vaccine manufacturers have said they could start delivering vaccines by the end of the year. If you felt pressured to make a vaccine available before it's ready, What would you do? We will not make that decision on the basis of politics. That's a promise with that. Promise. Go so far as to say that if you are pressured to make that kind of decision that you don't agree with, you would resign. I think all options are on the table with respect. I hope we won't be in that position. Dr Hahn said the public should have confidence and agency guidance, which recommends a vaccine be at least 50% effective. But Nora even if some vaccine doses are made available in the fall, former FDA Commissioner Dr Scott Gottlieb says widespread use is not expected until next year and coming up on the CBS Evening News The world is remembering the Black Panther. Six away time to check in with traffic.

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