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My favorite is I mean I guess it's like it's probably where wine where it is. It's where you get the break of Lillian like. That where she managed, she's like especially when they go and they bleach there'd be a bleaching inside. It's a great moment. That's right I did it. And she tries to get the dog and she's like, no, you don't take the dog. You don't get a puppy for me. It's the It's the futility of rage. Yes and I think wolf as someone who's done that well, like empty. Futile rage is so hilarious. It's Anne trying to punch the cookie she can't falls over on her. Trying to push the fountain over she can't she slips down it's like she's not even GonNa be mad you know. That's such a good job get talking about that. Does this movie pass the Bechtel it dies. Here's why it really does. It mostly passes the Bechtel because it actually fails the reverse Bechtel tests. Okay. Any two men ever speak to each other me so mad. About that? So it's a really lovely although I did see some people. There's a whole Alison Bechtel. The test is you have to have to named women who talk to each other about something besides, and there are people who still wanted to say this failed because they're like, well, they're always talking about the wedding and it's like. I mean she could have been married lady like ended manner during and Doug is such a Tim Heidegger such as small part of this right this was never really about the men. So yeah, you know to add to that like I saw a lot of contention about like is feminist movie. Did you watch this and you think what? I'll tell you what I think as a guy just watching with. Nothing invested in this like in that respect I think a lot of these movies like like bridesmaids or like White Panther? They have to because it's only women or because it's african-americans suddenly referendum on sociopolitical stuff or pop culture, and I think sometimes movies just a movie and has happened to have women in it or superhero move with by it's and I think this movie has to bear like the hangover didn't have to be a referendum on toxic masculinity. It's just a bunch of guys having fun right and I think that's what this movie is I. Don't think it has to stand up as feminist movie. It's just about brushing. Lovely pro woman movie because I. Again, I like how many different types of women exist you would never see this many different lake. Cuts of cloth in terms of femininity like summer when this woman. This woman is like so dainty and frail like I love that and you don't often get that showcase because you don't often have movies that are only women. So I don't think this may be has to do anything more than be entertaining and I think this, it's this is a we're fortunate because this movie was made in two thousand eleven and I worry about modern movies because they're so conscious of that dynamic sharp of having a movie like that of having to do things like that that it's sometimes stunts the storytelling and this movie didn't have that and I'm and I'm glad I think we're all better for it was there minority care during a magical subservient role No no we had a a one of our leave. A main although listen. I do think to be fair. It did feel strange to me that you had a lead who is an African American woman and then you had terry crews and you had an Asian couple. Yes. If felt weird that there are still a lot of people that could have been people of color like we could have had.

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