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You're amazing you've got so many great ideas and interesting thoughts you should put some of those ideas and thoughts on a website so people all over the world can look at them and think your amazing so if you actually decide to do that 'cause you're amazing then why not use squarespace they make it so easy to design a website even if you're not amazing kind no imagine so visit squarespace and if you like what you see type in the offer code buxton for ten percent off amazing i added one more podcast gye mud cost ben now you out plucked that podcast out and started listen i took my microphone and found some human focused then i recalled all the noises while we spoke my name is adam buxton i want you to giant that's the bad hey how you doing this adam buxton here i am observing what looks to me like a seagull flying over the field out here in the norfolk countryside uk and it's gone now it's gone over towards the rooks they're not know for their cordial easygoing camry the rooks not run these parts anyway but hey look i don't wanna get into a fight with the rooks i'm sure there are perfectly delightful community when you get to know them rosie she's doing fine she's bouncing and i am going to tell you now about this week's guest joan wilson hey welcome back john he was of course one of the very first guests on this put cost episode number four features jon ronson a conversation recorded in two thousand fourteen in new york where john still lives let me put john in some more slightly more meaningful context for those less familiar with his evidence john is a a welsh journalist screenwriter and filmmaker jones books include two thousand and ones then adventures with extremists in which he details meetings with controversial and outspoken figures like david eick randy weaver omar baccari muhammed in paisley and alex.

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