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Informed. Listen to AM six eighty or stream on your tablet or phone wcbMcom. We're back with our final segment with Rodney pile interplanetary. Robots? Rod it is remarkable. How Mars one was able to get millions of dollars in investment money. And now they've gone belly up. Yeah. You know there. There's a truth to this among some operations that were like like any other endeavor, you know, their organizations to play it straight and those which may not walk credit straight line. And I don't wanna Pune Mars one. 'cause I don't know the personally that well, I've just been watching it very carefully for a long time. And there is a tendency whether it's a nonprofit or for profit a lot of times, the kind of burn the box cars and the locomotive if you know what I mean. Yeah, I think there's a lot of operating expenses going on there. They they did have a message that resented, but a lot of people much more than I would have thought actually it was kinda surprising tons of people applied not as many as they said tons of people spend money not as much as they said. But there was a fair amount going on there. And obviously, it it struck a chord with folks, you know, there's a lot of people that wanna be a piece of something bigger, which is why one of the reasons that promote things like the national space society, the planetary society and other group. Because we want to be part of something bigger than yourself part of grand adventure. That's a good way to do it Mark. When I was kind of a fantasy from the beginning. Could it have happened possibly was it likely not at all? There are other people trying similar things. I think you you may remember inspiration Mars, which is going to be a fly by that didn't happen. But it it could have worked you know, that wasn't quite as big as Mars one. So you know, I'd like to see if people are going to focus their energies on these things. Join one of these nonprofit groups, and and get involved with something that they let you feel like you're gauged, by the way, I just want to mention I I looked it up during the break at euchre's chorus twenty thousand miles across and Jupiter itself is about eighty seven thousand miles. So I was in the ballpark. Okay. I'm also three sizes the size of earth almost plus. Yes. Interesting with Mars one they were based in the Netherlands, which I find to be weird. And it was labeled as a suicide mission because it was a one way trip. Well, they didn't like suicide basically like to call it one way trip toward critics the critics call them suicide mission. Well, there are other problems. You know, there was a kind of a famous smackdown between them and a team grad students and post docs, from MIT who were in the debate setting taking part their whole life support strategy thing. Your people are going to be dead within you know, three to four months now. No, they're going to be fine. We've done studies. Well, we've got better studies gonna work. So there was there was papers written in some good work attempted. But by and large, I think there's a lot of optimism and a lot of dreaming. And we just need to have a reality. Check on these kinds of things because most people I think once they've been there. A while. There's a lot of romance around exploring. It's like, the Arctic great places. Visit would you wanna live there forever? Probably not parts of the earth is still better than any other part of the solar system. We know that's to Colfax California. Now, west of the rock. Chris is with us. Hey, chris. Go ahead, sir. Hey, George by George. I'm talking to you. I can't believe it. All right. I hide. My uncle Bill. My mom and my granddaughter is developed air force academy. That's cold venture nocco people in my family. What was the rocket movie that Jake Gyllenhaal was in? Take killinghall. Yeah. Hi, I can't remember where he meet Wernher von Braun. And that was me as a kid. I just love rocketry, my uncle Bill. Marcy hike. Uncle bill. Work was a air nautical engineer and worked on the work for Martin Marietta, and the lunar landing module, my grandfather MARCY was a tool and die Medicare that made the machines that made the parts for us aircraft. And like I said I have a granddaughter at the air force academy. And no, congratulations to me. She's a really sharp girl and doesn't get to fly. 'cause he's not calling believable. But she's really sharp. Anyway, I can't wait to read your book and George had a guy I'm not too long ago. And I've been telling my wife this for years, and he was talking about we have to leave here. We gotta go. There's been to many extinction level events that have happened on this planet. If we're gonna survive if you manage gonna move on we gotta get out of. Here and folks out there if you weren't really learn cool stuff go to your history channel, see if you can't find the show on the Orion. Really neat rocket. But just why we have to go to space and how we'll do it. And I it's incredible stuff. I yeah. I'm sixty seven years young some sixty seven years old. I wish I was born fifty years from now, I really because it's just gonna be awesome to be. I don't know what you're by the way, the Jake movie might have been. Yeah. Go ahead. What movie was that shake movie? You were talking about. He is a kid, and he and his friends like build rockets actually set the dog on forest on fire. And he does in the end get to meet where he went to an essay contest, his teacher is dying of cancer. And she actually gets to see one of his rockets watch. And he goes on the made some three story he goes on to work for early NASA, which is just awesome and people, you know, I I'm really critical, and that's I don't think it's going to get us to Mars. I think it's going to be people like in my. Gonna get there. First. And I would sign up today. My wife might have something to say about that. But hey, I go even even know what I could. I could come back. I would go just because it's awesome. And one more thing while I break in the movie, you're talking about October sky, right? Is it? Yeah. Privilege of meeting. Chuck Yeager, I helped build it so in grass valley, California. And was that that that must? I love that. He's really an awesome. Even be he really God bless our president. And thank you for recognising, the greatest generation in those war heroes, and Buzz Aldrin. I mean, what a bunch of awesome people and what a neat guy we have for president. They take the time to do that. I gotta tell you. I voted for him. And I didn't want just. Daltrey unthinkable. And I didn't like it. I man I really just wanted to quit the tweeting shut up, but he is becoming presidential. And it's getting better every day. We'll see what happens two more years to go. And let's see if he can do it. But his polls went up. Indeed. Thanks, you live to appreciate the call Jack in Abilene, Texas with us now east of the Rockies, Jack. Thank you. Good to talk to you three shake your taking my call and enjoy your program very much. Thank you couple of quick questions. When they Mars expedition started a long time ago weren't there. Several. Long could a a class or a whatever you wanna call it on on Mars, and it didn't come up and disappear. Maybe some of them didn't make it. They did. Maybe they didn't they didn't broadcast. What a number of them that. Yeah. I do devout gas. And then also the say match two billion space travel in ten years. So the first one the Mars question it's been tweeting fifty or sixty percent success rate and largely it's gotten better in the last couple of decades as I said earlier, the US has had better luck than other countries except for India who sixteen of their first attempt, you know, Mars is tough. It's far away unless you're going to go into orbit around the planet, if you're just shooting a Lander you've got to do it like a rifle bullet goes straight to the planet. Skims the atmosphere goes in and land directly. So you've gotta get everything. Right. And the atmosphere is just a little too thin and the gravity even though. It's only about a third of the earth is a little bit more thirty three eight percent is just a little too much and you just missed this Goldilocks zone. So it's really hard to to slow down heavy spacecraft and make a good landing. And then there's command and control and the problem that the Soviets had back in the space race days was they your sequencers instead of true computers like we were starting to put together. And that means that the thing followed. It's command sequence no matter what you couldn't intervene from the ground very much. And if it got there and things weren't going. Well, it just kept doing what it was told to do. It was kind of like a like a puppy. And and so they did have a lot of failures as far as massive immigration goes. That certainly Elon Musk's vision is to get a second civilization going on Mars sort of backup drive. If you will his carbonite, Jeff Bezos is a little different the way he looks at it. He believes in our colonies knee believes living in space, but his purpose is more driven to allow the earth to heal and go back to this pristine form that it was hundreds or thousands of years ago. He just wants to deliver Amazon packages to space, right? The mood. Yeah. But you know, to really get the heavy industry offers, and and and put it where it belongs which is out in space because you don't have the pollution issues out there. And Furthermore, if you start looking at things like space solar power where you're taking energy from the sun, converting it into electromagnetic radiation, like microwave beams or something. And then saying the back down to earth, you can resolve a lotta this dependence on fossil fuels without having to resort to nuclear so forth. So there's a lot of reasons to get excited about this. But it's gonna take probably a number of very wealthy people with vision, which are starting to see and the government initiatives to get this done. And we also have to learn how to defend ourselves against asteroids comets because that's going to catch up with us Sunday to and I don't see this mass flights of humans in ten years. Do you know, I think some people like to think so I think it'll be very lucky and fortuitous, and I'll be the first to applaud. Must can start. Getting is the F are now called starship big rocket go into Mars, but that's only eighty ninety people at a time. That's a mass exodus. Yeah. And you gotta build somewhere for them to live. There probably underground protection for the radiation. So you're going to be looking at the walls of the cave and not going to be looking except for occasionally up on the surface..

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