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From like the video so like like like a thirty thirty like benji documenting for example like a certain thing that you tab into crew with it's a soul that you just know that you relate to is like one of our favorite artists in mentor but it's like ernie barnes paint i always say ernie barnes ernie barnes painting if you see the soul and the way captured black people in our environment said the beauty of the ghetto you know what i'm saying that's it's like we all grew up in these areas so we see those same things that for whatever reason we're larger than life to us and we just recapturing familiar moments that you grew up seeing around you you know what i'm saying and it's hard to the continuity of the soul people that made on that boat yes yes said mom i'm playing the long game the extra long it was sold the thirty foot thirty this is this is an incredible story i mean this is this is not a singular story although particular story i'll tell but it's it's not a single one in that if you grew up in an urban setting we all know that guy that was going to be some way he was going to was going to get out of the confines of the hood but something in the hood pulled them back in something in the hood ultimately destroyed them and this is the great greek tale which probably just a story stolen from kush anyway.

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