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Churn as she bears down on the Gulf Coast. Alabama's governor urging residents to be ready to leave Governor Kay Ivey says her team is being proactive in prepping for the arrival of Hurricane Sally. She requested that people in low lying areas of the Gulf Coast leave, thankfully. It appears that many people he did this voluntary evacuation. She also reached out to the White House for a pre landfall. Disaster declaration. President Trump and his administration approved this request last night. Sally is aiming right now at the Alabama Mississippi State line, moving about two miles an hour, which makes strengthening likely Colonel Scott. Thoughts need, forecasters warn it also makes devastating flash flooding likely. The family of Briana Taylor will get $12 million from the city of Louisville as part of a settlement that also includes police reform over the killing of the empty in her own home by police using a no knock warrant to search for drugs. No drugs were found. Taylor's killing sparked months of protests. The state attorney general is still investigating the case. America is listening to Fox News. You should move over red. Right? Return, right, Red right return. No, just read right return because, you know, I'm saying red right return, but then right to agree. Okay, But you're right. I should have said correct. I know it's red. Right? Return, But you're on the red tights. Khun, Turn quicker on the.

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