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How did you were at such a young age. I was doing that. I mean i was playing at three. And then i started playing publicly. Probably around five or six and then played with ios playing a beethoven piano concerto with orchestra round around nine ten. Something like that and i started making albums at nine in the the main thing is that i had two parents. That wanted that to happen just like they wanted my sister to follow her dream. She was interested in languages. We had like a woman from saudi arabia. Living with us teaching her arabic it at thirteen so they were both incredible parents on that way they they provided us with everything we needed to to succeed. How important that is a lesson in life to just have heiress it really say if that's something you're passionate about less invested And they say well you can do that later in life with i you gotta get a degree year. When did you decide that this was at. This is going to be when harry connick junior is going to do after soon music and everything that allows you to do but it was as long as i can remember 'cause i never really had any any skills outside of music. I'm a terrible student out. I didn't do well in school was a horrible athlete at in. I wasn't fast. I couldn't catch a ball throw ball can do any of that stuff Insult skills became dormant very quickly. And all i did was play music all day every day. i mean. I played music competitions in recorded in a after school. That's all i would do and before school. That's all i would do. I mean that's all. I did so i became kind of one sided because didn't have much of a social life so all i did was played music so this is all ever thought about doing in on back to what you said about kudos to my parents. I mean they wanted me to excel at it from a craftsmanship point of view. They wanted to make sure. I was educated in had the tools i needed to.

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