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Yes, the judge's chambers were back in session at the ballpark in the Bronx. Aaron judge hit listen is returned to that. Yankee lineup batting leadoff, but James Paxton one consecutive starts for the first time with the Yankees who match their longest winning streak of the year. Jank dumpers this because that was absolute Michael k fighting through that horse throat there with the call. Gary Sanchez going yard, the calls on WPI X in glacier, Torres each a win deep for the third game in a row providing a pair of two run shots. The Yankees past the Astros, four to one, their seven straight win Houston, one thirteen with runners in scoring position stranded dozen in all Doug Glanville was on sports with takeaways on the judge return. Well, not a lot of that. He's trying to get his timing in early on som- take a lot of pitches, which is sort of his name, and the last that he saw him going attack and swing at that first pitch. So generally judges just trying to find it. But he has host of guys that are very productive. So he doesn't have to tire this game. But you could tell peacock of the Astros Pinson, top. They stayed down on the way. And who's the secondary pitches to keep him off our? Let's go big picture. Right to usually guy that can. That they can write like that. Can hammer home runs where middle of the lineup guy if you're gonna feel basis in baseball strike outs? Don't matter anymore. Why not lead them all? Seems like a great idea, especially when you have so much stuff that the Yankees have. I mean they, they can put them there and he's kind of a three outcome guy, right? Homerun walk or strikeout. And nobody's stealing basis for the most part now so you can get the extra runs and you have so many other power hitters don't have to rely solely on our judge and the pitch failed in the air right center field. It's deep. Homer. Ninety three seven FM w e the Red Sox in a walk off seven five over the Jays Christian Vasquez in the tent with that walk off, Jack, they trail five to one before winning for the eighth time in nine games. They set up in. This campus. The section. Six. Twenty six. Stir the air makes his brand new game. Over the Atlanta. National's three three. Tape measure blasts by the nationals catcher yacht gone. Yes, they would tied and win it did the NATs has heard on the nationals radio network. Dallas, kaikal laboring through five frames and his Braves debut coughing up three run lead to those nationals. Yon gums with the long ball to even the game. One Soto led off with a triple in the fit. Anthony Ren dome would play them with the go ahead as single Kyko making his first major league appearance in starting game three of last year's hail CS against the four. The Astros, I should say, he never retired Washington and order gave up four runs. Three earned on eight hits. He hit two batters as well. And had this take post game I mean, honestly, I felt better than than I was expecting to. And mentally just trying to lock down was was going to be the biggest thing for me. But the champion shell I felt like I was being midseason four now. I'd like to have a few pitchers back here and there but. Just a few tough breaks, braz- had won eleven of thirteen while the third place nationals have won five straight and nine of twelve. There's a ball driven in the air. This is deep Pilet going back to the left fielder. Gross looks up and it's into the seat. It's got a home run, for Brian holiday, his second one to nothing Marlins. And a might add that was not a wind assisted home run. Nine forty WINZ Brian holiday, the solo Jackson. Eddie Al contra the seven and two thirds of short baseball's the Miami Marlins beat the Philadelphia Phillies two to one handing Philly, their fifth straight law free to coming McNeil lies taught. Right. That's a base. It gets the thirties being Wave Home Bryant. Thrills toward the plate Rizzo cuts it off browse towards second McNeil is out at second, but it gives the midst the league. Scores on McNeil's RBI single, and it's five four and favor of the Mets. Najat McNeil's hurt on WCBS got the go-ahead hit in a five four win over the cubs. He also hit a two run a home run in that game on the heels of their win over Sweden, the US women have advanced to the group f winner to the round of sixteen at the World Cup where Spain is up next. The Americans broke the women's World Cup record for most goals in a group stage with eighteen they carry a thirteen game World Cup unbeaten streak into Monday's match up. But Julie Phally Foudy on golick and wingo says, don't look past the next opponent danger. Of course, is every player on this team knows for the US is that you look over this round of sixteen games because Spain honestly is a very good team. US played them in January earlier this year in Spain, we actually call that game in dark and myself. And for the first thirty minutes, the United States did not touch the ball. Ian. And I looked at each other in the booth, we were like, oh, this could be a long game and then they got their feet and then they got a little bit more of the ball but they ended up only beating Spain one nil in Spain. And it could have gone either way in that January match up. So they know it's very dangerous game. Of course, to be looking ahead to France. Jill Ellis, even said in the press conference before the Sweden game when all the reporters were asking about the possible Franch matchup. She said, hey, by the way, we do have a round of sixteen game as well. Guys, don't forget that. So they're not forgetting that Moore. It'd be a on the way coli has a decision to make does winning a title in Toronto, give the raptors at age. That's next. This is sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio. Players on the market. Kevin Durant Pua letter Kemba Walker, Harry urban. I have no idea what's going to happen. This is going to be the craziest summer ever sportscenter all night. Great thing about.

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