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Right now. 54 in Dana 540.57 in Anaheim is 53 Diamond Bar and 55 See me Valley We leave local live from the KO Phi 24 hour news room. I'm Debra Mark if I am 6 40 Conway show Is a uh what? What? What? What is the I don't wanna miss label this But what is Chris? Call What happened today in Studio City with the cops? Um He had texted me. Um, police pursuit card. No, I always say it wrong and he calls me Um Oh. Here it is. Balls up. It was a balls up in Studio City. Where? I guess the guy was trying to get away from the cops and went into that shopping center. That's the most difficult shopping center in the world to get in and out of. Yes, that's on Ventura Boulevard workers right near to hunger and violin. Just be a gym in there and staples and man. Oh, man. Once you get in there, you're locked. It's on the big curve. So cars going 180 miles an hour on that curve, and you gotta try to slide into that center. Was a Michael's in there, right? Yeah, right. Michaels and marshals. Right? Why don't you watch out? Understand? Right to, you know, famous. Famously male names for stores that guys don't go toe right? Nice going. Go toe marshals. They have some guy close. Yeah, but Michael's I mean, I'm I'm sure there are guys out there that like to do crafts. It's mostly guys, right? Yeah, maybe. Maybe you're right in my 57 years. I didn't say mostly, I said some. There's some right, but it's called Michael's shouldn't be called Mary's name. Or Helen's. Well, maybe Michael Owns it. Maybe right? Yeah, That's kind of cool, right? He's gonna call it it. Michaels is like that. Screw it. They're gonna come in tow place that my name's on the door, Michaels. Made. That's the last name. Hey, look, I never want to take advantage of any situation. You know when somebody's down Like that. Gina Carrano, right. She was on Star Wars. And then she was fired because she's she equated being a conservative United States with being tortured by the Nazis, right? And she made that hope that whole run. And so, you know. But I did think to myself, you know on Lee really successful people. Are able to turn like a negative into a positive. So I figured Well, you ta right. That United talent agency. They're big agency. And And I am Did a movie over the summer are you did with they know a non Oscar nominated director And so I thought. Well, if if Khurana is not gonna be there anymore, I'll call up and maybe they'll they'll pick me up. Right and represent me. Oh, good plan. Um and I feel bad for her. But there's an opening right and only successful people in this world, you know, make Lemonade out of lemons, right? Right. And so I phoned him up. And They were Initially playing that they, you know, trying to pretend that they were unfamiliar with my work. Um and then I got I finally got ahold of somebody. That that knew that I did that movie. And they're like, Oh, so what do you want to do? And I'm like, well I'd like to first ask what you guys are gonna do for me. That's good. And he's like, Oh, really? Yeah, because I'm shopping. I'm shopping agencies for you. Yeah, I was at a meeting with I C m last week. Wow. And meeting with before that two weeks ago with Triad, right? And these big agencies in town. They're all dying to have you. Yeah, they're they're They're sniffing around. They're courting me. They're courting, right? Yeah. They're taking me to supper and trying to get me to sign with them. Make sure you mention titans of talk. Oh, good point. Yes. Yeah. Selling point? No, I changed. Thanks to Petros. We changed it. We changed the title of it. I called the boot camp. I said, I'll do it, but you got to change the title. And he texted back. Says What titled You Wanted to Be. I said, I'd like it to be one of two things either barely functioning adults, right or guys in radio who haven't quite drank themselves to death yet? Kinda long title, though, right? But I think strong. I think it's stronger than titans of talk, right? I mean titans of talk. You know, I just see guys with T shirts on And they're you know, they've kept their t shirts on so long that their chest hairs growing through the front of sexy. Yeah, that's cool, right? So anyway, so I'm we're chatting. I mean, we're just you know, in the honeymoon stage of me and you t a United talent agency, and I feel bad that you know that she's gone. But There is an opening, right? That's kind of cool The bill. I mean, she's a woman, and they're willing to replace her with a guy. Well, I mean, she's a woman who got his start in fighting. You know, I got my start some little fighting, but they represent some big people. Chris Tucker is over there. Dennis Miller. You may remember Dennis Miller, right? Who else is over there? A Gary Owens? Wow. Yeah. Good company. Gary owns Scary owns. Oh, Gary Owen. That's a difference of comedian. Oh, sorry, then we have Of course we have. Ivan Decker is over there. James Jeff Foxworthy. Uh, who else is over there? Jessica Williams, right? Jim Jefferies. Jim Jim Gaffigan. Very funny guy. He's over there. And so I'm just thinking, you know. I have meeting next week of CIA Feel like what? There. Another one of those people do for May. Jeez, John. Mom, I'm I look, I'm I hate to say it, but you're gonna laugh. I'm considered young and hot right now s so insulting. Really? Yeah. Really young and hot. I'm young and hot. I'm the new guy. I'm like the Leslie Jones of Radio. You said they're taking you to supper while they're entertaining you and trying to lure you in. Are you guys going to like the early bird dinners? Oh, my God. It's tough. I know you guys. I knew it. I knew it, Man. What? I've any little success and you guys would s all over. This has supper anyway, these days. That's the way you talk to Agent supper. Look, they those this crew You don't know this. I do. But this crew here, Uta, they saved Nate Nows. Nate nows was gonna go out of business. Okay? And then you ta. I guess a couple of guys who you work for you today, I bought it. Now, Nate nows is open thanks to UTA. So I figured if I'm if if they own Nate nows, that's what they call it over there. It's older guys go there, and they called supper. Yeah, so they also have Leslie Jones. Who else is over there? I'm Michael Che from Senate Live. You get along with him. I can work with them. I guess I'm And, Yeah, Neil Hamburger, Very funny guy. Pat began began Also very funny, man. Rachel Bloom is over there. And who else was over there? There was a guy that was, um, very, very popular. Sarah. Sarah Sherman's over there. And Sarah Silverman, right? Wow. So they got, you know, they got all the young and hot people, and now they're you know, they have an opportunity. Let's just say that to get somebody even hotter. That Will Ferrell is over there. I could.

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