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Spoke with the SPN Josina Anderson saying. Size the contract is what's important to him Does he tries to continue. To improve, this playoff team well you gotta remember in two thousand fifteen I played, on? A one year contract making. The league minimum okay in two thousand sixteen. I played on a one year contract. And a one year contract there's, always been pressure and there's never been more pressure than. I remember my very first training camp. Realizing there's ninety guys here we're only going to dress forty six if I don't play well every day I don't have a. Job, I've got to go back to the real world so that's, pressure okay, and is pressure here do I feel it I I'm aware of it I'm not gonna let it seep into my mindset, such it affects my performance in negative way but there's, pressure we, acknowledge what it is and then we put on the shelf when we go. Play football, and there's, always been pressure and that's. Okay and frankly I think that's a good thing and, it makes playing this leaks special right so is. Not a. Problem money is, in part of the situation anymore two cousins, now it's, time for, him he says to blend with teammates working to generate and understanding was teammates in their. Skills and that starts with the base Six and it begins to, place the cousins has dealt with before there, is some carry over and. I think a lot of that goes back to, some familiar names. The. You know with Jay, Gruden you've been with John, and Greg Olsen was. With John and coach flip our offensive coordinators Ben with coach Olsen and so there's carry over, and so some. Terminologies the same there's obviously differences and things evolve as you go your separate ways but having carryover helps it's hard to learn a whole. New system, it's hard to hit the reset button and so I have had to. Do? A lot of work to. Get back to where I can play by. Instinct and not having to think so. Much and we're still in that, process but coach that knows what he's doing there is, carry over and that.

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