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It must be nice to refer to yourself as one doing well against another club like two. Oh, yeah. What what what what an what an alpha move? Like. Oh, yeah. I was on the back real hard. I was like I was also good at this like fun. Come on. Oh, come on guy. So I thought regardless of possession. Our snow did not seem threatening minus the sitter that abomination did score mentions knotted, look, revitalize still they looked the more attacking side. And I think that they deserve this victory. And I don't anything I wasn't happy with. Was that Sanchez and Lukaku started? I've thought Alexia Marshall show started with Jesse lingered out wide, and that's how I think they should play their starting eleven from now on out. But that's my only gripe about the game, and that's a very selfish Martin gripe. Yeah. Our back line is so bad Marin. I watched the fire festival documentaries on Hulu Netflix. Yeah. And there's that quote from that guy. Who's now a me more. It's like I was about to suck dick to make sure the festival kept going to get the water on. And like, I just think like what would I do to have arsenal have a great back line? And you know, it might become down to that. My dick I might have to do some sexual favors because Jesus Christ. This is this is just horrible like, and I can't really blame Petr check too much. I mean, his age is definitely showing. But he's not getting any help Koshi only, you know. Just like, he's not a captain. You know, he's more of a leader. By like what he does on the field by his like action on the field. And you're not vocal. There's no organization players seem lost. Why isn't lick Steiner playing more? I don't know why we bought him like where the hell is he and it just felt so we couldn't get anything going whatsoever. And again method Ozil being on the bench is just like what are we doing with him? There's just a lot of questions going on with arsenal. Which there were the matches today, which arsenal won mentors night had a great comeback. But we will be getting to those on our podcast that'll be out Friday morning. This is just all FA Cup. But which again Jesse Lynn guard was the hero for you guys again. So I really don't know, you know, it was just disheartening because FA Cup is, you know, arsenals competition. But then again, you guys are only one Cup behind us with twelve. So it's definitely both are competitions the two best teams. At this Cup. So it's it was just a rough day. Absolute just terrible day to be a gun and just Jesse Lynn guard all the fucking tweets about they should just make a statue of Jesse lindgaard outside the inference outside the emerets instead of Dennis Bergkamp. I was just I know it's like banter, but I'm like to fuck off come on like just just just let me die. Just like, I'm already dead. Let me die. I don't know what it is about Jesse. I don't know if he has like the souls of every single Tottenham fan burned into his into his right foot. But he loves to punish arsenal. Ruthlessly his four goals against you in four games and the man just stays scoring. And I swear some of the hated because nobody likes Jesse lingered for whatever reason. I fucking love Justin. And then guard. I think it's it's it's his face. It's no, I totally get that. I do totally get that. But I don't feel that way about just because like I hate so many people just because of their face. But I don't see that in Jesse because I love Jesse. But the just kind of looks he looks like a looks like a fuck boy. Looked like a fuck boy any dances. And normally I'd fucking hate him. But when he scoring on our snow when he's fucking dancing at the emerets. I'm just like, okay. This boys. My fuck boy..

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